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Machine learning for physics and astronomy Viviana Acquaviva III-04||A||1
Machine learning for astrophysics : proceedings of the ML4Astro International Conference 30 May- 1 Jun 2022 Filomena Bufano et al. III-04||B||2
Oscillatory processes in solar and stellar coronae Valery M. Nakariakov et al. III-21||N||1
Physics of binary star evolution : from stars to X-ray binaries and gravitational wave sources Thomas M. Tauris, Edward P.J. van den Heuvel III-33||T||6
Case studies in star formation : a molecular astronomy perspective Duncan MacKay, Mark Thompson, James Urquhart III-34||D||11
High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy : instrumentation, data analysis, and science Cosimo Bambi, Jiachen Jiang III-71||B||10
素粒子物理入門 : 基本概念から最先端まで (新物理学シリーズ 33) 陣内修, 渡邊靖志共著 II-53||J||2
宇宙に質量を与えた男ピーター・ヒッグス フランク・クローズ著 ; 松井信彦訳 II-60||C||1
天体物理学の基礎 II (シリーズ現代の天文学 ; 第12巻) 観山正見, 野本憲一, 二間瀬敏史 III-01||MAS2||12
輻射電磁流体シミュレーションの基礎 (シリーズ宇宙物理学の基礎 ; 第5巻) 松本倫明, 大須賀健, 須佐元 III-01||FA||5
Dynamic data-driven simulation : real-time data for dynamic system analysis and prediction Xiaolin Hu I-30||H||4
Random process analysis with R Marco Bittelli, Roberto Olmi, Rodolfo Rosa I-31||B||8
Numerical methods in physics with Python Alex Gezerlis I-31||G||1
Physics of wave turbulence Sébastien Galtier II-13||G||5
Astrophysics : decoding the stars Judith Irwin III-00||I||5
Modified gravity (The encyclopedia of cosmology, set 2 : frontiers in cosmology) v.1 Giovanni G Fazio, Claudia de Rham, Andrew J Tolley III-01||EC||5
Neutrino physics and astrophysics (The encyclopedia of cosmology, set 2 : frontiers in cosmology) v.2 Giovanni G Fazio, Floyd W Stecker III-01||EC||6
Black holes (The encyclopedia of cosmology, set 2 : frontiers in cosmology) v.3 Giovanni G Fazio, Zoltan Haiman III-01||EC||7
The observation and analysis of stellar photospheres David F. Gray III-40||G||5a
Life comes from space : the decisive evidence Milton Wainwright, N Chandra Wickramasinghe III-84||W||1
English for writing research papers Adrian Wallwork V-60||W||3
Accreting white dwarfs : from exoplanetary probes to classical novae and type 1a supernovae Edward M Sion III-33||S||13
藪内清著作集 第8巻: 補遺 総索引 『藪内清著作集』編集委員会編 III-03||Y||11-8
Lithium across the universe Eduardo Martín III-40||M||2
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics, Vol.61 Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Robert C. Kennicutt III-01||AR||61
First ten years of Hinode solar on-orbit observatory oshifumi Shimizu, Shinsuke Imada, Masahito Kubo III-01||B||449
General relativity for planetary navigation James Miller, Connie J. Weeks II-35||M||11
The special theory of relativity : a mathematical approach Farook Rahaman II-35||R||6
Introduction to the theory of the early universe : hot big bang theory (2nd ed.) Valery A Rubakov, Dmitry S Gorbunov III-45||G||9a
Age-dating stars : from the sun to distant galaxies Maurizio Salaris III-40||S||2
Astrophysics in the XXI century with compact stars César Augusto Zen Vasconcellos, Fridolin Weber III-33||V||8
New windows on the universe : advances in multimessenger astronomy Saeqa Dil Vrtilek III-00||V||2
Supermassive black holes Andrew King III-46||K||2
Exact space-time models of gravitational waves Peter A. Hogan, Dirk Puetzfeld II-35||H||8
Solar-terrestrial relations : from solar activity to heliobiology Leonty Miroshnichenko III-22||M||3
Principles of astrophotonics Simon Ellis, Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Sergio Leon-Saval III-92||E||1
Physical principles of astronomical instrumentation Peter Ade, Matthew Griffin, Carole Tucker III-91||A||1
A guide to close binary systems Edwin Budding, Osman Demircan III-41||B||5
Active galactic nuclei Françoise Combes III-44||C||16
宇宙電磁流体力学の基礎 (シリーズ〈宇宙物理学の基礎〉 第2巻) 柴田一成, 横山央明, 工藤哲洋 III-01||FA||2
天体物理学の基礎 (シリーズ〈現代の天文学〉 第11巻) 観山正見, 野本憲一, 二間瀬敏史編 III-01||MAS2||11
Galaxy formation (3rd ed.) Malcolm S. Longair III-44||L||7a
An introduction to observational astrophysics Mark Gallaway III-60||G||1
Fourier Transformation for Pedestrians Tilman Butz II-00||B||1
Lectures on complex integration Alexandar O. Gogolin II-00||G||2
Thermodynamics : for physicists, chemists and materials scientists Reinhard Hentschke II-20||H||3
Symmetries and group theory in particle physics : an introduction to space-time and internal symmetries Giovanni Costa, Gianluigi Fogli II-53||C||2
Particle astrophysics D.H. Perkins II-53||P||1
Fundamentals of quantum physics : textbook for students of science and engineering Pedro Pereyra II-61||P||3
Fundamentals (Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 1) Jochen Pade II-61||P||4-1
Applications and extensions (Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 2) Jochen Pade II-61||P||4-2
Lie algebras and applications Francesco Iachello I-11||I||1
From being to becoming : time and complexity in the physical sciences Ilya Prigogine II-00||P||2
非平衡系の統計力学 北原和夫 II-22||K||4
時空図による特殊相対性理論 齋田浩見 II-35||S||13
もうひとつの一般相対論入門 須藤靖 II-35||S||14
宇宙 : 果てのない探索の歴史 トム・ジャクソン著 ; 平松正顕訳 III-00||J||7a
The anthropic cosmological principle John D. Barrow and Frank J. Tipler III-02||B||7
Our evolving universe Malcolm S. Longair III-02||L||5
広い宇宙に地球人しか見当たらない50の理由 : フェルミのパラドックス スティーヴン・ウェッブ著 ; 松浦俊輔訳 III-02||W||3
東洋天文学史 中村士 III-03||N||10a
The search for life in the universe Donald Goldsmith, Tobias Owen III-84||G||4
比較惑星学 松井孝典 ほか IV-00||M||1
惑星地質学 宮本英昭 ほか IV-30||M||1
宇宙の地図 : 2013.1.1 - 12:00 観山正見, 小久保英一郎 V-22||M||3