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Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics Vol. 47 Leo Goldberg III-01||AR||47
天と地の理をさぐる地球学と宇宙学 福江純 III-02||F||23
The low-frequency radio universe : an event commemorating the birth centenary of Dr. Homi J. Bhabha (ASP Conference Series Vol. 405) D.J. Saikia III-01||ASP||407
Comets and the origin of life Janaki Wickramasinghe III-13||W||1
Eclipsing binary stars : modeling and analysis Josef Kallrath III-41||K||4
An introduction to radio astronomy Bernard F. Burke III-70||B||4
Physics of the sun : a first course Dermott J. Mullan III-20||M||4
High-energy radiation from black holes : gamma rays, cosmic rays, and neutrinos Charles D. Dermer III-46||D||3
Numerical modeling of space plasma flows astronum-2008 (ASP Conference Series Vol. 406) Nikolai V. Pogorelov III-01||ASP||406
Solar polarization 5 : in honor of Jan Olof Stenflo (ASP Conference Series Vol. 405) Svetlana V. Berdyugina III-01||ASP||405
The eighth Pacific Rim conference on stellar astrophysics : a tribute to Kam-Ching Leung (ASP Conference Series Vol. 404) B. Soonthornthum III-01||ASP||404
Approachiing micro-arcsecond resolution with VSOP-2 : astrophysics and technology (ASP Conference Series Vol. 402) Yoshiaki Hagiwara III-01||ASP||402
見えない宇宙を観る : 天体の素顔に迫るサイエンス Lars Lindberg Christensen /
岡村定矩 訳
Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics (Vol. 57) Sir David Bates II-01||B||57
Heliophysics : plasma physics of the local cosmos Carolus J. Schrijver III-22||S||10
The primordial density perturbation : cosmology, inflation and the origin of structure David H. Lyth III-45||L||9
Nuclear reactions for astrophysics : principles, calculation and applications of low-energy reactions Ian J. Thompson II-51||T||2
High-redshift galaxies : light from the early universe Immo Appenzeller III-44||A||8
Turbulence in space plasmas L. Vlahos III-35||V||1
Questions of modern cosmology : Galileo's legacy Mauro D'Onofrio III-45||D||9
Nonlinear cosmic ray diffusion theories Andreas Shalchi III-01||B||362
The principles of astronomical telescope design Jingquan Cheng III-01||B||360
京の宇宙学 松本紘 III-02||M||6
天体観測の教科書:変光星観測編 日本変光星研究会 III-02||N||2
電波天文学(シリーズ現代の天文学16) 中井直正 III-01||MAS-16||学
Progress in optics Vol. 53 E. Wolf II-71||W||53
The ages of stars (IAU Symposium 258) Eric E. Mamajek III-01||Z||258
カラー図解でわかるブラックホール宇宙 福江純 III-02||F||22
手塚治虫の理科教室 手塚治虫著 ; 福江純解説 III-02||F||21
よくわかる相対性理論 福江純 III-02||F||20
恒星 (シリーズ現代の天文学 7) 野本憲一 III-01||MAS-7||学
系外惑星 井田茂 III-11||I||2
Universal heliophysical processes (IAU Symposium 257) Narchimuthukonar Gopalswamy III-01||Z||257
Cosmic magnetic fields : from planets to stars and galaxies (IAU Symposium 259) Klaus G. Strassmeier III-01||Z||259
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences Raymond Jeanloz IV-01||E||37
Stellar spectral classification Richard O. Gray III-40||G||3
Physics of relativistic objects in compact binaries : from birth to coalescence Monica Colpi III-33||C||11
Giant planets of our solar system : atmospheres, composition, and structure Patrick G. J. Irwin III-11||I||1
Cataclysmic Variable Stars : How and why they vary Coel Hellier III-33||H||12
Planets and planetary systems Stephen Eales III-11||E||2
Progress in optics E. Wolf II-71||W||52
Transiting planets (IAU Symposium 253) Frédéric Pont III-01||Z||253
The galaxy disk in cosmological context (IAU Symposium 254) Johannes Andersen III-01||Z||254
The magellanic system : star, gas, and galaxies (IAU Symposium 256) Jacco Th. Van Loon III-01||Z||256
The variable universe : a celebration of Bohdan Paczyński Krzysztof Z. Stanek III-01||ASP||403
RS Ophiuchi (2006) and the recurrent nova phenomenon A. Evans III-01||ASP||401
Preparing for the 2009 international year of astronomy : a hands-on symposium Michael G. Gibbs III-01||ASP||400
Neutron stars and pulsars Werner Becker III-33||B||12
Gamma-ray bursts : the brightest explosions in the universe Gilbert Vedrenne III-33||V||5
Physics, formation and evolution of rotating stars André Maeder III-32||M||5
Planetary systems : detection, formation and habitability of extrasolar planets M. Ollivier III-11||O||1
The light dark universe : light from galaxies, dark matter and dark energy James M. Overduin III-45||O||2
High-energy astrophysics Fulvio Melia III-71||M||6
Reports on astronomy (IAU Transactions) Karel A. van der Hucht III-01||Y||27A
Meteors and meteorites (天体観測の教科書:流星観測編) Martin Beech (長谷川一郎訳) III-14||B||1
マンガでわかる宇宙 石川憲二 III-02||I||3
太陽 (シリーズ現代の天文学 10) 桜井隆 III-01||MAS-10||学
Proceedings of the twenty sixth General Assembly, Prague 2006 Karel A. van der Hucht III-01||Y||26B
The rotation of sun and stars J.-P. Rozelot, C. Neiner III-32||R||4
Tools of radio astronomy Thomas L. Wilson III-70||W||4
Astronomical optics and elasticity theory : active optics methods Gérard René Lemaitre III-92||L||2
Low-metallicity star formation : from the first stars to dwarf galaxies Leslie K. Hunt III-01||Z||255
Annual review of fluid mechanics Vol. 41, 2009 Stephen H. Davis II-01||F||41
Chaos in astronomy : conference 2007 G. Contopoulos III-50||C||1
Whistler and Alfvén mode cyclotron masers in space V.Y. Trakhtengerts III-35||T||4
Organic matter in space (IAU Symposium 251) Sun Kwok III-01||Z||251
天体の位置と運動 (シリーズ現代の天文学13) 福島登志夫 III-01||MAS-13||学
Panoramic views of galaxy formation and evolution Tadayuki Kodama III-01||ASP||399
Data analysis in cosmology V.J. Martínez III-45||M||16
Galaxies in the local volume B.S. Koribalski III-44||K||11
Background science and the inner solar system Eugene F. Milone III-10||M||4
Sunspots and starspots John H. Thomas III-22||T||3
Neutrinos in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology F.J.P. Soler II-53||S||2
Accretion processes in star formation Lee Hartmann III-34||H||5