New Books (2005)

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An acre of glass J.B. Zirker III-91||Z||1
The new astronomy : opening the electromagnetic window and expanding our view of planet earth Wayne Orchiston III-01||B||334
The electromagnetic spectrum of neutron stars Altan Baykal III-33||B||9
Physical foundations of cosmology Viatcheslav Mukhanov III-45||M||15
Neutrinos and explosive events in the universe Maurice M. Shapiro III-71||S||24
Astrometry in the age of the next generation of large telescopes P. Kenneth Seidelmann III-01||ASP||338
Cosmic magnetic fields Richard Wielebinski III-35||W||3
Astronomical spectroscopy Jonathan Tennyson II-72||T||3
White dwarfs : cosmological and galactic probes Edward M. Sion III-01||B||332
Evolution of stars and stellar populations Maurizio Salaris III-32||S||7
Starbursts from 30 Doradus to Lyman Break Galaxies Richard de Grijs III-01||B||329
Infrared atlas of the Arcturus spectrum, 0.9-5.3 microns Kenneth Hinkle V-23||H||2

The fate of the most massive stars Roberta M. Humphreys III-01||ASP||332
Cosmic abundances as records of stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis in honor of David L. Lambert Thomas G. Barnes, III III-01||ASP||336
The nature and evolution of disks around hot stars Richard Ignace III-01||ASP||337
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics Leo Goldberg III-01||AR||43
Progress in optics E. Wolf II-71||W||47
Binary radio pulsars John Menzies III-01||ASP||328
Nearby large-scale structures and the zone of avoidance A. P. Fairall III-01||ASP||329
The astrophysics of cataclysmic variables and related objects J.-M. Hameury III-01||ASP||330
Extra-planar gas Robert Braun III-01||ASP||331
14th European workshop on white dwarfs D. Koester III-01||ASP||334
The light-time effect in astrophysics Christiaan Sterken III-01||ASP||335
Observing dark energy Sidney C. Wolff III-01||ASP||339

An acre of glass J.B. Zirker III-91||Z||1
Fundamentals in nuclear physics : from nuclear structure to cosmology Jean-Louis Basdevant II-51||B||6
Solar-type activity in main-sequence stars R. E. Gershberg III-33||G||13
High resolution infrared spectroscopy in astronomy H. U. Käufl III-72||K||1
Multiscale coupling of sun-earth processes A.T.Y. Lui III-15||L||1
The physics and chemistry of the interstellar medium A.G.G.M. Tielens III-34||T||4
Galaxy formation and evolution Hyron Spinrad III-44||S||17
Dust in the universe : similarities and differences K.S. Krishna Swamy III-34||S||9
The initial mass function 50 years later Edvige Corbelli III-01||B||327
The new cosmology Matthew Colless III-45||C||15
The spectral energy distributions of gas-rich galaxies Cristina C. Popescu III-44||P||7
X-ray diagnostics of astrophysical plasmas Randall K. Smith III-71||S||23
Fundamentals of solar astronomy Arvind Bhatnagar III-20||B||5
The solar-B mission and the forefront of solar physics Takashi Sakurai III-01||ASP||325
Microlensing 2000 : a new era in microlensing astrophysics John Menzies III-01||ASP||239
江戸時代の科学技術と信州・上田 文部科学省「江戸のモノづくり」国際シンポジウム III-03||M||2

Impact of gravitational lensing on cosmology Yannick Mellier III-01||Z||225
Coronal and stellar mass ejections Kenneth Dere III-01||Z||226
Principles of stellar dynamics S. Chandrasekhar III-43||C||3
Lectures in astrobiology Muriel Gargaud III-84||G||1-1
General relativity and gravitational physics Giampiero Esposito III-46||E||2
Looking for life, searching the solar system Paul Clancy III-10||C||2
Comets II Michel C. Festou III-13||F||1
Fluid dynamics and dynamos in astrophysics and geophysics Andrew M. Soward III-35||S||5
Astroparticle physics Claus Grupen III-71||G||6
High energy gamma-ray astronomy Felix A. Aharonian III-71||A||5
High-energy spectroscopic astrophysics S.M. Kahn III-71||K||5
Multiwavelength mapping of galaxy formation and evolution Alvio Renzini III-44||R||11
New light on dark stars : red dwarfs, low-mass stars, brown dwarfs I. Neill Reid III-40||R||1b
The sun, solar analogs and the climate J.D. Haigh III-22||H||3
Saavana time count V.S. Phadke III-04||P||2
Transits of Venus : new views of the solar system and galaxy D.W. Kurtz III-10||K||5
Science with adaptive optics Wolfgang Brandner II-71||B||3
Growing black holes : accretion in a cosmological context A. Merloni III-44||M||18

ブラックホール天文学入門 嶺重慎 III-46||MI||学
高圧実験装置の設計と工作 網田富士嗣 II-91||A||1

Nonequilibrium phenomena in plasmas A. Surjalal Sharma III-01||B||321
Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics, v. 50 Benjamin Bederson   II-01||B||50
Introduction to plasma physics : with space and laboratory applications D.A. Gurnett II-42||G||2
Frontiers of cosmology Alain Blanchard III-45||B||23
Dense molecular gas around protostars and in galactic nuclei W. A. Baan III-34||B||9
Cosmology Dierck-Ekkehard Liebscher III-45||L||8
From dust to stars : studies of the formation and early evolution of stars Norbert S. Schulz III-34||S||8
The new cosmology Roland E. Allen III-45||A||7
Discovering the universe Neil F. Comins III-02||C||5
科学の国のアリス : 入門!ニュートン物理学 福江純 II-00||FU2||学
最新天文小辞典 福江純 V-50||F||1c
Numerical recipes in Fortran 77 William H. Press I-32||P||5
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences. v. 33 Raymond Jeanloz IV-01||E||33

Young neutron stars and their environments Fernando Camilo III-01||Z||218
The interplay among black holes, stars and ISM in galactic nuclei Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann   III-01||Z||222
Organizations and strategies in astronomy André Heck III-01||B||310
Toward an international virtual observatory Peter J. Quinn III-04||Q||1
The physics of the early universe E. Papantonopoulos III-45||P||10
Virtual astrophysical jets : theory versus observations S. Massaglia III-35||M||5
Toward the exploration of space : one of the first rocket pioneers   III-81||P||1
The Garrison Festschrift : held in Tucson, Arizona, at the Arizona Inn June 10-11, 2002 Richard O. Gray III-40||G||1
Planetary systems in the universe - observation, formation and evolution Alan Penny III-01||Z||202
Order and chaos in stellar and planetary systems Gene G. Byrd III-01||ASP||316
Milky way surveys the structure and evolution of our galaxy Dan Clemens III-01||ASP||317
Spectroscopically and spatially resolving the components of close binary stars Ronald W. Hilditch III-01||ASP||318
NASA office of space science education and public outreach conference Carolyn Narasimhan III-01||ASP||319
The neutral ISM in starburst galaxies Susanne Aalto III-01||ASP||320
Extrasolar planets : today and tomorrow J. -P. Beaulieu III-01||ASP||321
The formation and evolution of massive young star clusters Henny J.G.L.M. Lamers III-01||ASP||322
Star formation in the interstellar medium in honor of David Hollenbach, Chris McKee and Frank Shu D. Johnstone III-01||ASP||323
Debris disks and the formation of planets Larry Caroff III-01||ASP||324
Satellites and tidal streams F. Prada III-01||ASP||327
Dynamics of populations of planetary systems Zoran Knežević III-10||K||4
Multi-wavelength investigations of solar activity Alexander V. Stepanov III-01||Z||223
The A-star puzzle Juraj Zverko III-01||Z||224

Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics Vol.37    II-01||F||37
Proceedings of the second MUSICOS workshop C. Catala III-40||C||1-1
Proceedings of the 4th workshop on multi-site continuous spectroscopy L.. Huang III-40||C||1-2

Statistical physics for cosmic structures A. Gabrielli III-45||G||6
Cosmic explosions in three dimensions P .Hoflich III-33||H||11
Cosmic gamma-ray sources K.S. Cheng III-01||B||304
Magnetic cataclysmic variables (IAU Colloq. 190) S. Vrielmann III-01||ASP||315
Soft x-ray emission from clusters of galaxies and related phenoena R. Lieu III-01||B||309
Physical, mathematical and numerical principles G. Beutler III-50||B||9-1
Application to planetary system geodynamics and satellite geodesy G. Beutler III-50||B||9-2
Thinking, observing and mining the universe G. Miele III-45||M||14
Cosmological pattern of microphysics in the infrationary universe M.Y. Khlopov III-45||K||10
100歳になった相対性理論 アインシュタインの宇宙遺産 福江純 II-35||F||6
Stellar Rotation (IAU Sympoium No.215) Alfaro, E.J. III-01||Z||215
The ISO handbook 1-5   V-30||IS||1~5

宇宙からヒトを眺めて 藤高和信 III-04||F||5
How does the galaxy work?(ASSL) Alfaro, E.J. III-01||B||315
Polarization in spectral lines(ASSL) Degl'innocenti, E.L. III-01||B||307