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The future of theoretical physics and cosmology G.W. Gibbons III-45||G||6
Neutrino mass Guido Altarelli III-71||A||4
Asymptotic giant branch stars Harm J. Habing III-32||H||5
Gravitational N-body simulations Sverre J. Aarseth III-43||A||1
White dwarfs Domitilla de Martino III-33||D||3
Short distance behavior of fundamental interactions Behram N. Kursunoglu III-71||K||3
Tools of radio astronomy K. Rohlfs III-70||R||4
Astronomy, cosmology and fundamental physics P. A. Shaver III-45||S||28
Recent Developments in Gravity Kostas D Kokkotas III-46||K||1
An Introduction ot plasma astrophysics and magnet.... Marcel Goossens III-01||B||294
Astronomy Principles and Practice A.E. Roy III-60||C||8
Radio pulsars Matthew Bailes III-01||ASP||302
Radio astronomy at the fringe J. Anton Zensus III-01||ASP||300
High energy blazar astronomy Leo O. Takalo III-01||ASP||299
GAIA spectroscopy, science and technology Ulisse Munari III-01||ASP||298
Star formation through time Enrique Perez III-01||ASP||297
New horizons in globular cluster astronomy Giampaolo Piotto III-01||ASP||296
Scientific frontiers in research on extrasolar planets Drake Deming III-01||ASP||294
Extragalactic globular cluster systems Markus Kissler-Patig III-41||K||4
Astrophysical techniques C. R. Kitchin III-90||K||5
Galaxies and chaos G.Contopoulos III-43||C||2

Progress in Optics Vol.45 Wolf, E. II-71W-45
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics Vol.41     III-01AR-41
IAU Transactions, Vol.25A Tivkmsn, H. III-01Y-25A
Agomic and Molecular Photoabsorption Berkowitz, J. II-62-BE
The Gravitational Million-Body Problem Heggie, D. III-30-HE
Galaxies at High Redshift Perez-Fournon, I. III-44-PE
Perceptions, Productivities, and Policies Oswalt, T.D. III-01B-287
The Telescopes We Use Oswalt, T.D. III-01B-288
Science in the Shadows of Giants Oswalt, T.D. III-01B-289
Gamma-Ray Burst and Afterglow Astronomy 2001 Hole, W. III-71-RI
The Emergence of Cosmic Structure Holt, S.S. III-45-HO
Astronomy Kutner, M.L. III-00-KU
The IGM/Galaxy Connection Rosenbert, J.L. III-01B-281
Very High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy Weekes, T.C. III-71-WE
A Decade of Hubble Space Telescope Science Livio M. III-91-LI
Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence Biskamp, D. III-31-BL
Lecture on Solar Physics Antia, H.M. III-20-AN
Fundamental Astronomy 4th ed. Karttunen, H. III-00-KA
Galactic Star Formation Across the Stellar Mass Spectrum De Buizerk J.M. III-01ASP-287
The Proceedings of the IAU 8th Asian Pacific Regional Meeting Vol.1 Ikeuchi, S. III-01ASP-289
Active Galactic Nuclei Collin, S. III-01ASP-290
Hubble's Science Legacy Sembach;, K.R. III-01ASP-291
Light Pollution  Schwarz, H.E. III-01B-284   
Physics of Neutrinos and Applications to Astrophysics Fukugita, M. III-31-FU
The Big Bang Harland, D.M. III-00-HA
Galaxies and the Cosmic Frontiers Waller, W.H. III-44-WA
Interplay of Periodic, Cyclic and ... Sterken, C. III-01ASP-292
Astronomical Data Analysis ... Payne, H.E. III-01ASP-295
3D Stellar Evolution118477 Turcotte, S. III-01ASP-293

Dust in the Galactic Environment Whittet, D.C.B. III-34-WH
Observed HR diagrams and stellar evolution Lejeune, T. III-01ASP-274
Disks of galaxies Athanassoula, E. III-01ASP-275
Seeing through the dust Taylor, A.R. III-01ASP-276
Stellar coronae in the chandra and ... Favata, F. III-01ASP-277
Single-dish radio astronomy Staninnirovic, S. III-01ASP-278
Exotic stars as challenges to evolution Tout, C.A. III-01ASP-279
Next generation wide-field multi-object spectroscopy Brown, M.J.I. III-01ASP-280
Astronomical data analysis software and systems XI Bohlender, D.A. III-01ASP-281
Galaxies: the third dimension Rosado, M. III-01ASP-282
A New era in cosmology Metcalfe, N. III-01ASP-283
AGN surveys Green, R.F. III-01ASP-284
Modes of star formation and the origin of field... Grebel, E.K. III-01ASP-285
Current theoretical modes and high resolution... Pevtsov, A.A. III-01ASP-286
Stellar atmosphere modeling Hubeny, I. III-01ASP-288
The Universe at low radio frequencies Rao, A.P. II-01Z-199
The formation of binary stars Zinnecker, H. II-01Z-200
Recent insights into physics of the sun and ... Brekke, P. II-01Z-203
The Extragalactic infrared background ... Harwit, M. II-01Z-204
Galaxies and their constituents at ... Schilizzi, R.T. III-01Z-205
Cosmic masers Migenes, V. III-01Z-206
Extragalactic star clusters Gresler, D. III-01Z-207
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences Vol.31 Donath, F.A. III-01E-31

Report on Astronomy Voo.24AT Andersen, J. III-01Y-24A
IAU Transaactions Vol.24B Rickman, H. III-01Y-24B
Classical Nova Explosions Hernanz, M. III-33-HE
Spectral Line Shapes Vol.12 Back, C.A. II-60-BA
Mass-losing Stars and Their Circumstellar Matter Nakada, Y. III-01B-283
Statistical Challenges of Astronomy Feigelson, E.D. III-04-FE
Current Topics in Astrofundamental Physics Sanchez, N.G. III-45-SA
Extreme Ultraviolet Astronomy Barstow, M.A. III-71-BA
Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursters Weiler, K. III-30-WE
Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in Astrophysics Falgarone, E. III-30-FA
Stellar Astrophysical Fuluid Dynamics Thompson, M.J. III-35-TH
Introduction ot Spectropolarimetry Toro Iniesta, J.C. II-72-TO
Space Plasma Simulation Buchner, J. II-41-BU
Energy Conversion and Particle Acceleration in the Solar Co Klein, K.-L. III-21-KL
The Sun's Surface and Subsurface Rozelot, J.P. III-20-RO
From Twilight to Highlight Hillebrandt, W. III-33-HI
Dust in the Solar System and Other Planetary Systems Green, S.F. III-34-GR
International School of Space Science Course .. Candidi, M. III-20-CA
Preserving the Astronomical Sky Cohen, R.J. III-01Z-196
An Introdudction to Modern Cosmology Lidedle, A. III-45-LI
Future Research Direction and Virion... III-SPIE-4835
Highly Innovative Space Telescope Concepts III-SPIE-4849
Modern Cosmology Dressler, A.M. III-45-DO
Survey and Other Telescope Technologies MacEwen, H.A. III-SPIE-4836
Apparent places of fundamental stars 2002 Dodelson, S. V-40A-2002
Apparent places of fundamental stars 2003 Tyson, J.A. V-40A-2003

The Mass of Galaxies at Low and High Redshift Bender, R. ESO III-44-BE
The Galactic Black Hole Falcke, H.     III-46-FA
The Physics of Interstellar Dust Krugel, E.     III-34-KR
Dust in the Galactic Environment 2nd ed. Whittet, D.C.B.    III-34-WH
Stars and Stellar Systems(Theoretical Astrophysics II) Padmanabhan, T.    III-31-PA2
Astrophysical Processes (Theoretical Astrophysics I) Padmanabhan, T.    III-31-PA1
Gravitational Lensing: An Astrophysical Tool Courbin, F.    III-45-CO
The Design and Construction of Large Optical Telescope Bely, P.Y.   III-91-BE
An Atlas of Local Group Galaxies Hodge, P.W.   III-01B-221
Radio Recombination Lines Gordon, M.A.   III-01B-282
The Proceedings of the IAU 8th Asian-Pacific Regional Meeting Vol.2 Ikeuchi, S.   III-01-AP8-2
Cometary Science after Hale-Bopp Boehnhardt, H.   III-13-BO

Plasma and Fluid Turbulence Yoshizawa, A.   II-41-YO
The Tapestry of Modern Astrophysics Whore, S.N.   III-30-SH
CP Violation in Particle, Nuclear and Astrophysics Beyer, M. LNP 591 III-31-BE
Astrophysics of the Diffuse Universe Dopita, M.A. III-34-DO
The Road to Galaxy Formation Keel, W.C.   III-44-KE
Cosmological Crossroads Cotsakis, S.   III-45-CO
Dark Sky, Dark Matter Overduin, J.M.   III-45-OV
Modern Theoretical and Observational Cosmology Plionis, M. ASSL 276 III-01B-276
New Quests in Stellar Astrophysics Chavez, M.   ASSL 274 III-01B-274
Theoretical Astrophysics Vol.III (Galaxies and Cosmolog) Padmanabhan, T.     III-31-PA-3
The Dynamics, Structure and History of Galaxies Da Costa, G.S. ASP 273 III-01-ASP-273
Hot Star Workshop III The Earliest Stages of Massive Star Birth Crowther, P.A. ASP 267 III-01-ASP-267
Neutron Stars in Supernova Remnants Slane, P.O. ASP 271 III-01-ASP-271
Statistical Theories and Computational approaches to Turbulence Kaneda, Y.    II-13-KA
High-Pressure Shock Compression of Solids V Davison, L. II-13-DA
Spectral Imaging of the Atmosphere Shepherd, G.G.    IV-50-SH
Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Vol.48 Bederson, B.      II-01B-48