New Books (2008)

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Astronomical data analysis software and systems XVII Robert W. Argyle III-01||ASP||394
Frontiers of astrophysics : a celebration of NRAO's 50th anniversary Alan H. Bridle III-01||ASP||395
Formation and evolution of galaxy disks José G. Funes III-01||ASP||396
First results from Hinode Sarah A. Matthews III-01||ASP||397
Extreme solar systems D. Fischer III-01||ASP||398
The art of modelling stars in the 21st century (IAU Symposium 252) Licai Deng III-01||Z||252
Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics Sir David Bates II-01||B||56
From luminous hot stars to starburst galaxies Peter S. Conti III-33||C||10
Cosmic matter (Reviews in modern astronomy, v. 20) Siegfried Röser III-45||R||12
Dark galaxies and lost baryons (IAU Symposium 244) Jonathan I. Davies III-01||Z||244
The evolution of galaxies through the neutral hydrogen window Robert Minchin III-44||M||20
Solar system astrophysics : planetary atmospheres and the outer solar system Eugene F. Milone III-10||M||3
Jets from young stars II : clues from high angular resolution observations Francesca Bacciotti III-35||B||5
Jets from young stars : models and constraints J. Ferreira III-35||F||5
カラー図解宇宙のしくみ 福江純 III-02||F||18
高エネルギー天文学 (シリーズ現代の天文学 17) 井上一 III-01||MAS-17||学
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics Vol. 46 Roger Blandford III-01||AR||46
Formation and evolution of galaxy bulges (IAU Symposium 245) Martin Bureau III-01||Z||245
Hot subdwarf stars and related objects Ulrich Heber III-01||ASP||392
New horizons in astronomy : Frank N. Bash symposium 2007 Anna Frebel III-01||ASP||393
星間物質と星形成 (シリーズ現代の天文学 6) 福井康雄 III-01||MAS-6||学
カラー図解でわかる光と色のしくみ 福江純 III-02||F||17
Jets from young stars III : numerical MHD and instabilities Silvano Massaglia III-35||M||6
Electronic imaging in astronomy : detectors and instrumentation Ian S. McLean III-90||M||8
Dark matter in astroparticle and particle physics : dark 2007 H. V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus III-45||K||12
Ultraviolet and x-ray spectroscopy of the solar atmosphere Kenneth J.H. Phillips III-21||P||1
The observation and analysis of stellar photospheres David F. Gray III-31||G||11
The metal-rich universe Garik Israelian III-34||I||1
Cosmology Steven Weinberg III-45||W||6
Proceedings of the twenty-fifth General Assembly, Sydney, Australia, 2003 (Transactions of the IAU v. 25B) Oddbjørn Engvold III-01||Y||25B
A giant step : from milli- to micro- arcsecond astrometry (IAU Symposium 248) Wenjing Jin III-01||Z||248
Massive stars as cosmic engines (IAU Symposium 250) Fabio Bresolin III-01||Z||250
目からウロコの宇宙論入門 福江純 III-02||F||16
Hydrogen-deficient stars Klaus Werner III-01||ASP||391
Pathways through an eclectic universe J. H. Knapen III-01||ASP||390
Dynamical evolution of dense stellar systems: the 246th symposium of IAU Enrico Vesperini III-01||Z||246
Explanets : detection, formation & dynamics: the 249th symposium of IAU Yi-Sui Sun III-01||Z||249
Waves & oscillations in the solar atmosphere : heating and magneto-seismology : the 247th symposium of IAU Robert Erdélyi III-01||Z||247
Mass loss from stars and the evolution of stellar clusters Alex de Koter III-01||ASP||388
Clusters of galaxies : beyond the thermal view Jelle Kaastra III-44||K||10
Advances in meteoroid and meteor science J. M. Trigo-Rodriguez III-14||T||1
EPO and a changing world : creating linkages and expanding partnerships Garmany Catharine III-01||ASP||389
Massive star formation : observations confront theory Henrik Beuther III-01||ASP||387
Extragalactis jets : theory and observation from radio to gamma ray Travis A. Rector III-01||ASP||386
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences (Vol. 36) Fred A. Donath IV-01||E||36
ブラックホールを見る! 嶺重慎 III-02||M||5
An introduction to nuclear astrophysics Richard N. Boyd III-71||B||8
Black-hole accretion disks : towards a new paradigm Shoji Kato III-33||K||10
Special relativity for beginners : a textbook for undergraduates Jürgen Freund II-35||F||8
The universe in a mirror : the saga of the Hubble Telescope and the visionaries who built it Robert Zimmerman III-91||Z||2
Discovering the universe Neil F. Comins III-02||C||5b
At the edge of the universe : latest results from the deepest astronomical surveys José Afonso III-01||ASP||380
The second annual Spitzer science center conference : infrared diagnostics of galaxy evolution Ranga-Ram Chary III-01||ASP||381
The national virtual observatory : tools and techniques for astronomical research Matthew J. Graham III-01||ASP||382
Subsurface and atmospheric influences on solar activity R. Howe III-01||ASP||383
14th Cambridge workshop on cool stars, stellar systems and the sun Gerard van Belle III-01||ASP||384
Numerical modeling of space plasma flows : ASTRONUM-2007 Nikolai V. Pogorelov III-01||ASP||385
天体物理学の基礎 II (シリーズ現代の天文学 12) 観山正見 III-01||MAS-12||学
そこが知りたい☆天文学 福江純 III-02||F||15
よくわかる物理 福江純 II-00||F||2
輝くブラックホール降着円盤 : 降着円盤の観測と理論 福江純 III-46||FU1b||学
The universe in x-rays Joachim E. Trümper III-71||T||5
Galactic dynamics James Binney III-43||B||1b
Topics in gravitational dynamics : solar, extra-solar and galactic systems D. Benest III-50||B||11
The solar system beyond Neptune M. Antonietta Barucci III-10||B||7
A primer on the physics of the cosmic microwave background Massimo Giovannini III-45||G||8
Classical novae Michael F. Bode III-33||B||11
Astrophysics at ultra-high energies Maurice M. Shapiro II-52||S||3
A pan-chromatic view of clusters of galaxies and the large-scale structure M. Plionis III-44||P||8
Short-period binary stars : observations, analyses, and results Eugene F. Milone III-33||M||10
日本の天文学の百年 日本天文学会百年史編纂委員会 III-03||N||6
パソコンで宇宙物理学 : 計算宇宙物理学入門 川端潔(訳) III-02||KA||学
Star-disk interaction in young stars (IAU Symposium 243) Jérôme Bouvier III-01||Z||243
Progress in optics Vol. 51 Emil Wolf II-71||W||51
Astrophysical masers and their environments Jessica M. Chapman III-01||Z||242
Introduction to the theory of coherence and polarization of light Emil Wolf III-92||W||3
テラヘルツ技術総覧 テラヘルツ
Cosmic frontiers Nigel Metcalfe III-01||ASP||379
Highlights of astronomy Vol. 14 K. A. van. der. Hucht III-01||X||14
太陽系と惑星(シリーズ現代の天文学9) 渡部潤一 III-01||MAS-9||学
Annual review of fluid mechanics Vol. 40 S. H. Davis II-01||F||40
Turbulence and nonlinear processes in astrophysical plasmas Dastgeer Shaikh III-35||S||7
Gravity, black holes, and the very early universe Tai L. Chow III-46||C||2
Heating versus cooling in galaxies and clusters of galaxies H. Böhringer III-44||B||24
Galaxy formation Malcolm S. Longair III-44||L||7
Extrasolar planets Hand Deeg III-11||D||4
First light in the universe A. Loeb III-44||L||6
宇宙の一生 : 最新宇宙像に迫る 釜谷秀幸 III-00||KA||学
宇宙論Ⅰ 宇宙のはじまり (シリーズ現代の天文学2) 佐藤勝彦 III-01||MAS-2||学
近未来入門! あさのあつこ III-02||A||10
光と色の宇宙 福江純 III-02||F||14
宇宙はどこまで明らかになったのか 福江純 III-02||F||13
輝くブラックホール降着円盤 : 降着円盤の観測と理論 福江純 III-46||FU||学
From stars to galaxies : building the pieces to build up the universe Antonella Vallenari III-01||ASP||374