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Bayesian nonparametric data analysis Peter Müller, et al. I-13||M||3
Optics Eugene Hecht II-71||H||3
Understanding the epoch of cosmic reionization : challenges and progress Andrei Mesinger, editor III-01||B||423
Stellar explosions : hydrodynamics and nucleosynthesis Jordi José III-33||J||1
ひとりで学べる一般相対性理論 : ディラックの記号法で宇宙の方程式を解く 唐木田健一 II-35||K||4
とんでもなくおもしろい宇宙 柴田一成 III-02||S||15
Galactic bulges Eija Laurikainen, et al. III-01||B||418
ブラックホール天文学 = Black hole astrophysics 嶺重慎 III-01||NAL||3
現代天文学史 : 天体物理学の源流と開拓者たち = History of modern astronomy 小暮智一 III-03||K||1
Introduction to stellar structure Walter J. Maciel III-32||M||6
Terahertz astronomy Christopher K. Walker III-72||W||1
Polarimetry of stars and planetary systems Ludmilla Kolokolova III-34||K||10
Dynamics of young star clusters and associations Cathie J. Clarke III-34||C||7
Astrophysical black holes Francesco Haardt III-46||H||3
Star formation in galaxy evolution : connecting numerical models to reality Nickolay Y. Gnedin III-44||G||7
Computational physics : problem solving with Python Rubin H. Landau I-32||L||3
圧縮性流体力学 / 日本航空宇宙学会編 麻生茂 II-12||A||1
Proceedings of the twenty eighth General Assembly Beijing, China, 2012 (Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, XXVIIIB Thierry Montmerle (ed.) III-01||Y||28B
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics Leo Goldberg, editor III-01||AR||53
Waves and mean flows Oliver Bühler II-12||B||5
Light scattering and radiative transfer A. A. Kokhanovsky II-63||K||4
General theory of light propagation and imaging through the atmosphere T. Stewart Mckechnie II-63||M||2
Statistical data analytics : foundations for data mining, informatics, and knowledge discovery Walter W. Piegorsch III-42||P||1
太陽大図鑑 (原タイトル:Our sun : biography of a star) クリストファー・クーパー著 ; 田村明子訳 III-20||C||3
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences Katherine H. Freeman IV-01||E||43
相対論的宇宙論 小玉英雄 III-45||K||13
宇宙物理学 : 星銀河宇宙論 高原文郎 III-00||T||3
銀河考古学 = Galactic archaeology 千葉柾司 III-01||NAL||2
完全独習現代の宇宙物理学 福江純 III-00||F||5
太陽系外惑星 = Extrasolar planets 田村元秀 III-01||NAL||1
Physics of magnetic flux tubes Margarita Ryutova III-01||B||417
Bayesian methods for the physical sciences : learning from examples in astronomy and physics Stefano Andreon, Brian Weaver III-42||A||1
Protostars and planets VI Henrik Beuther (ed.) III-34||A||7
Characterizing stellar and exoplanetary environments Helmut Lammer, Maxim Khodachenko III-01||B||411
Comets and their origin : the tools to decipher a comet Uwe Meierhenrich III-13||M||1
Nuclear physics of stars Christian Iliadis III-32||I||1a
Pulsating stars Márcio Catelan, Horace A. Smith III-33||C||12
Astrobiology : an introduction Alan Longstaff III-84||L||1
惑星形成の物理 : 太陽系と系外惑星系の形成論入門 井田茂, 中本泰史 III-11||I||3
New windows on massive stars, asteroseismology, interferometry and spectropolarimetry : proceedings of the 307th symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Geneva, Switzerland, June 23-27, 2014 Georges Meynet, et al. III-01||Z||307
Galaxies in 3D across the universe : proceedings of the 309th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Vienna, Austria, July 7-11, 2014 Bodo L. Ziegler, et al. III-01||Z||309
Complex planetary systems : proceedings of the 310th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Namur, Belgium July 7-11, 2014 Zoran Knežević and Anne Lemaître III-01||Z||310
Annual review of fluid mechanics Stephen H. Davis, Parviz Moin II-01||F||47