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Title Author Series CLN
Polarization of Light and Astronomical Observation   Leroy, J.-L. Advances in Astronomy and Astrophysics III-01C-4
Delta Scuti and Related Stars Breger, M. ASP Conf. 210 III-01A-210
A High-Resolution Atlas of the Infrared Spectrum of the Sun…III. Geller, M. NASA RP.1224-3 V-12-G
Dynamics of Galaxies Bertin, G.   III-44-B
Cosmic Perspectives in Space Physics  Biswas, S. ASSL 242 III-01B-242
Probing Luminous and Dark Matter Das, A.   III-45-D
Astrometry of Fundamental Catalogues Walter, H.G.   III-30-W
Compact Stars 2nd ed. Glendenning, N.K.   III-33-G
The Carbon Star Phenomenon Wing, R.F.  IAU Symp.177 III-01X-177
Satellite Orbits Montenbruck, O.   III-52-M
Cosmic Plasma Physics Somov, B. ASSL 251 III-01B-251
The Galactic Halo:Proc. 35th Liege Int. Astrophys. Colloq. Noels, A.   III-01L-35
Atomic Transition Probabilities of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Wiese, W.L.   V-12-N
Tables of Spectra of Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen… Moore, C.E.   V-12-M
中村要と反射望遠鏡 冨田良雄   III-03-T
Models of Barred Galaxies  Rautiainen, P.    III-45-R
GeV-TeV Gamma Ray Astrophysics Workshop  Dingus, B.L.   III-71-D
Stellar Kinematics in Disk Galaxies  Gerssen, J.   III-44-G
26th International Cosmic Ray Conference  Dingus, B.L.   III-71-D
Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstract Vol.71     参考図書
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences Vol.28   Ann. Rev. IV-01E-28
Birth and Evolution of Binary Stars Reipurth, B. IAU Symp.200P III-01X-200P
Spectroscopic Study of Cool Stars Fluks, M.-A.   III-40-F
LISA III (ASP Conf. 153) Grothlcopf, U. ASP Conf.153 III-01A-153
Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun Donahue, R.A. ASP Conf.154 III-01A-154
Unsolved Problems in Stellar Evolution  Livio, M.    III-32-L
Magnetic Reconnection  Priest, E.    III-31-P
Protostars and Planets IV  Mannings, V.    III-34-M
Solar Physics with Radio Observations  Bastian, T.   III-20-B
Computational Physics and Related Topics  Hiwatari, Y.   II-00-H
Spectroscopic Study of Cool Stars  Fujita, Y.   III-40-F
Cosmological Inflation and Large-Scale Structure  Liddle, A.R.   III-45-L
Handbook of CCD Astronomy  Howell, S.B.   III-90-H
From Extrasolar Planets to Cosmology  Bergeron, J.   III-30-B
The Origin and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae Kwok, S.    III-34-K
Type Ia Supernovae  Niemeyer, J.C.    III-33-N
Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics for Astronomy  Ageorges, N.    III-30-A
Waves I Dusty Space Plasmas Verheest, F.    III-01B-245
The Fifth Compton Symposium  McConnell, M.L.    III-30-M
New Light on Dark Stars  Reid, I.N.    III-40-R
The Chaotic Universe Gurzadyan, V.G.   III-30-G
Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae II Kastner, J.H.  ASP Conf. 199 III-01A-199
Stellar Clusters and Associations Pallavicini, R.  ASP Conf. 198 III-01A-198
Thermal Emission Spectroscopy and Analysis of Dust, … Diyko, M.L.  ASP Conf. 196 III-01A-196
Highly Energetic Physical Processes and Mechanisms … Marten, P.C.H.  IAU Symp. 195 III-01X-195
Astrochemistry  Minh, Y.C.  IAU Symp. 197 III-01X-197
The Role of Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov… Inogamov, N.A.    III-01S-10-2
The Galactic Center 4th ESO/CTIO Workshop Grendel, R. ASP Conf. 102 III-01A-102
Physics, Chemistry, and Dynamics of Interplanetary Dust  Gustafson, B.A.S. ASP Conf. 104 III-01A-104
The Minnesota Lectures on the Structure and Dynamics of the Milky Way  Humphreys, R.M. ASP Conf. 39 III-01A-39
Quasars and Cosmology  Ferland, G. ASP Conf. 162 III-01A-162
Optical and IR Interferometry from Ground and Space  Unwin, S. ASP Conf. 194 III-01A-194
Peculiar Versus Normal Phenomena in A-Type and Related Stars  Dworetsky, M.M. ASP Conf. 44 III-01A-44
Stellar and Circumstellar Astrophysics  Wallerstein, G. ASP Conf. 57 III-01A-57 
Pulsars  Johnston, S. ASP Conf. 105 III-01A-105
Dynamics of Galaxies  Combes, F. ASP Conf. 197 III-01A-197
Physics in the 21st Century  Kikkawa, K.    AII-00-K
Astrophysics with the NOT  Karttunen, H.    III-91-K
Allen's Astrophysical Quantities 4th ed.      V-12-A
The Geometry of Spacetime  Callahan, J.J.    II-35-C
Cosmology  Harrison    III-45-H
The Galaxies of the Local Group  van den Bergh, S.    III-44-V
Stellar Rotation  Tassoul, J.-L.    III-40-T
The Formation of Galactic Bulgs  Carollo, C.M.    III-44-C
Solar and Stellar Magnetic Activity  Schrijver, C.J.    III-22-S
Tools of Radio Astronomy: Problems and Solutions  Wilson, T.L.    III-70-W
Infrared Vibration-Rotation Spectroscopy  Duxbury, G.    III-72-D
Interstellar Propagation of Electromagnetic Signals  Harmuth, H.F.    III-31-H
New Views of the Magellanic Clouds  You-Hua Chu  IAU Symp. No.190  III-01X-190
Star Formation in Early-Type Galaxies  J. Cepa  ASP Conf. No.163  III-01A-163
Emission Lines in Active Galaxies  B.M. Peterson  ASP Conf. No.113  III-01A-113 
Stellar Dynamos M.Nunez  ASP Conf. No.178  III-01A-178
星空散歩 西はりま天文台    III-02-K
大野陽朗教授退官記念 北海道大学宇宙物理学研究室論文集     III-35-O
複素解析 L.V. アールフォルス    I-12-A
物理のための数学  和達三樹    I-20-W
スペクトル解析  日野幹雄      I-20-H
入門 Fortran 77  上滝致孝    I-31-U
新しい宇宙像の探求 小平桂一    III-04-K
アストロノミー 天体観測基礎知識  L.J.Kelsey    III-00-K
Large Scale Structures behind the Southern Milky way Vol. I, II  P.A. Woudt    V-30-W
Unfolding Our Universe  I. Nicolson    III-00-N
Tools of Radio Astronomy  K. Rohlfs    III-70-R
Progress in Optics Vol.40     II-71W-40
3 K Cosmology  L. Maiani    III-45-M
Towards the Edge of the Universe  S. Clark    III-45-C
Observational Astrophysics  R.C. Smith    III-00-SS
The Nine Numbers of the Cosmos  M. Rowan-Robinson    III-45-RS
The Distribution of the Galaxies  W.C. Saslaw    III-45-S
The cambridge Planetary Handbook  M.E. Bakch    III-11-B
Classical Relativistic Many-Body Dynamics  M.A. Trump    II-10-T
Variable Stars as Essential Astrophysical Tools  C.Ibanoglu    III-33-I
Principles of Optics 7th ed.  M. Born    III-71-B
An Introduction to Radio Astronomy  B.F. Burke    III-70-B
Advanced Stellar Astrophysics  W.K. Rose    III-31-R
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences Vol.27      IV-01E-27
Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Vol.42, Vol.43      II-01B-42, 43
Active Galactic Nuclei and Related Phenomena    IAU Symp. 194 III-01X-194
Astrophysical Formulae Vol.II      V-60-L
The Non-Sleeping Universe  M.T.V.T.Lago    III-30-L
Active Galactic Nuclei  J.H.Krolik    III-44-K
The Second Stromlo Symposium: The Nature of Elliptical Galaxies Arnaboldi, M. ASP Conf. 116  III-01A-116
High Energy Processes in Accreting Black Holes  Poutanen, J. ASP Conf. 161  III-01A-161
Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables  Hellier, C. ASP Conf. 157  III-01A-157
Progress in Optics Vol.39      II-71W39
Chemical Evolution from Zero to High Redshift  J.R.Walsh    III-45-W
Enjoy Writing your Science Thesis or Dissertation!      V-60-H
New Foundations for Classical Mechanics  D. Hestenes    II-11-H
Molecular Quantum Mechanics  P.W.Atkins    II-61-A
Spacetime  M.Kriele    II-35-K
Handbook of Infrared Astronomy I.S.Glass    III-72-G
Theoretical and Observational Cosmology  M.Lachieze-Ray    III-45-L
Astronomical Optics  D.J.Schroeder    III-92-S
The Radio Galaxy Messier 87 H.-J.Roser    III-44-R
The Origin of Stars and Planetary Systems  C.J.Lada    III-34-L
Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics  Y.Suzuki    II-53-S
Majestic Universe  S.Brunier    V-22-B
Star Formation 1999: Proceedings of the International Conference “Star Formation 1999”  Nakamoto, T.    III-34-N 
Luminous High-Latitude Stars Dimitar D ASP Conf. 45 III-01A-45
Blue Stragglers Rex A. Saffer  ASP Conf. 53  III-01A-53
The Minnesota Lectures on Extragalactic Neutral Hydrogen  Skillman, E.D. ASP Conf. 106  III-01A-106
Completing the Inventory of the Solar System Retting, T.W. ASP Conf. 107  III-01A-107
Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun… Pallavicini, R. ASP Conf. 109  III-01A-109
Magnetic Reconnectionin the Solar Atmosphere Bentley, R.D. ASP Conf. 111  III-01A-111
The History of the Milky Way and Its Satellite System Burkert, A. ASP Conf. 112  III-01A-112
From Quantum Fluctuations to Cosmological Structures Valls-Gabaud, D. ASP Conf. 126  III-01A-126
George Gamow Symposium Harper, E. ASP Conf. 129  III-01A-129
The Third Pacific Rim Conference on Recent Development on  Leung, K.-C. ASP Conf. 130  III-01A-130
A Half Century of Stellar Pulsation Interpretation Bradley, P.A. ASP Conf. 135  III-01A-135
Second Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference Alissandrakis, C.E. ASP Conf. 155  III-01A-155
Solar and Stellar Activity Butler, C.J. ASP Conf. 158  III-01A-158
Stromlo Workshop on High-Velocity Clouds Gibson, B.K. ASP Conf. 166  III-01A-166
Harmonizing Cosmic Distance Sclaes in a Post-Hipparcos Egret, D. ASP Conf. 167  III-01A-167
New Perspectives on the Interstellar Medium  Taylor, A.R. ASP Conf. 168  III-01A-168
The Low Surface Brightness Universe Davies, J.I. ASP Conf. 170  III-01A-170
LiBeB Cosmic Rays, and Related X-, and Gamma-Rays Ramaty, R. ASP Conf. 171  III-01A-171
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII Mehringer, D.M. ASP Conf. 172  III-01A-172
Theory and Tests of Convection in stellar Structure Gimenez, A. ASP Conf. 173 III-01A-173
Catching the Perfect Wave Restaino, S. ASP Conf. 174 III-01A-174
Structure and Kinematics of Quasar Broad Line Regions Gaskell, C.M. ASP Conf. 175 III-01A-175
Astrophysics with Infrared Surveys Bicay, M.D. ASP Conf. 177  III-01A-177
Eta Carinae at the Millennium Morse, J.A. ASP Conf. 179  III-01A-179
Microwave Foregrounds de Oliveira-Costa, A. ASP Conf. 181  III-01A-181
High Resolution Solar Physics  Rimmele, T.R. ASP Conf. 183  III-01A-183
Third Advanaces in Solar Physics Euroconference  Schmieder, B. ASP Conf. 184 III-01A-184
Precise Stallar Radial Velocities Hearnshaw, J.B. ASP Conf. 185 III-01A-185
The Central Parsecs of the Galaxy Falcke, H. ASP Conf. 186 III-01A-186

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