New Books (2010)

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Physical kinetics of turbulent plasmas (Modern plasma physics) Patrick H. Diamond II-40||D||8
Observing and cataloguing nebulae and star clusters : from Herschel to Dreyer's new general catalogue Wolfgang Steinicke V-30||S||6
Observational cosmology Stephen Serjeant III-45||S||30
Heliophysics : evolving solar activity and the climates of space and Earth Carolus J. Schrijver III-22||S||12
Exploring the X-ray universe Frederick D. Seward III-71||C||7
Physics of comets K.S. Krishna Swamy III-13||S||5
Dense Matter in Compact Stars : A Pedagogical Introduction A. Schmitt III-33||S||10
Chemistry in space : from interstellar matter to the origin of life Dieter Rehder III-00||R||2
天文マニア養成マニュアル : 未来の天文学者へ送る先生からのエール 福江純 III-02||F||19
Numerical modeling of space plasma flows : ASTRONUM-2009 : proceedings of the 4th international conference held at Chamonix, France Nikolai V. Pogorelov III-01||ASP||429
Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics Ennio Arimondo II-01||B||59
Co-evolution of central black holes and galaxies (IAU Symposium 267) Bradley M. Peterson III-01||Z||267
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics, Vol. 48 Leo Goldberg III-01||AR||48
Galaxies in isolation : exploring nature versus nurture : proceedings of a conference held at Grenada, Spain Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro III-01||ASP||421
Hot and cool : bridging gaps in massive-star evolution : proceedings of a workshop held at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, USA C. Leitherer III-01||ASP||425
Proceedings of the 2009 Snowbird particle astrophysics and cosmology workshop (SNOWPAC 2009) : proceedings of a workshop held at Snowbird, Utah, USA D.B. Kieda III-01||ASP||426
Solar neutrons and related phenomena Lev Dorman III-20||D||4
Computational methods in plasma physics Stephen Jardin II-40||J||2
Plasma physics : an introduction to laboratory, space, and fusion plasmas Alexander Piel II-40||P||3
Heliophysics : space storms and radiation : causes and effects Carolus J. Schrijver III-22||S||11
Exoplanet atmospheres : physical processes Sara Seager III-11||S||7
Planetary sciences Imke de Pater III-11||P||3
X-ray polarimetry : a new window in astrophysics Ronaldo Bellazzini III-30||B||8
Dark energy : theory and observations Luca Amendola III-45||A||8
To measure the sky : an introduction to observational astronomy Frederick R. Chromey III-00||C||1
SOHO-23 : understanding a peculiar solar minimum : proceedings of a workshop held at Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor Steven R. Cranmer III-01||ASP||428
Advances in Hellenic Astronomy during the IYA09 : 9th International Conference of the Hellenic Astronomical Society : proceedings of a conference held at the University of Athens Kanaris Tsinganos III-01||ASP||424
Galaxy wars : stellar populations and star formation in interacting galaxies : proceedings of a conference held at East Tennessee State University Beverly J. Smith III-01||ASP||423
High energy phenomena in massive stars : proceedings of a conference held at University of Jaén Josep Martí III-01||ASP||422
Bioastronomy 2007 : molecules, microbes, and extraterrestrial life : proceedings of a workshop held at San Juan Karen J. Meech III-01||ASP||420
Galaxy evolution : emerging insights and future challenges : proceedings of a conference held at The University of Texas S. Jogee III-01||ASP||419
AKARI, a light to illuminate the misty universe : proceedings of a conference held at Fukutake Hall, the University of Tokyo Takashi Onaka III-01||ASP||418
Black holes and galaxy formation Adonis D. Wachter III-46||W||1
Advanced magnetohydrodynamics : with applications to laboratory and astrophysical plasmas J.P. (Hans) Goedbloed III-35||G||3
Galaxy formation and evolution Houjun Mo III-44||M||22
Dark energy : observational and theoretical approaches Pilar Ruiz-Lapuente III-45||R||15
An introduction to stellar astrophysics Francis LeBlanc III-30||L||8
Cosmic dust-near and far Thomas Henning III-01||ASP||414
Proceedings of the ninth Asia-pacific International Conference on Gravitation and Astrophysics Wuhan, China, 29 June - 2 July 2009 Jun Luo III-30||L||9
The Earth as a distant planet : a Rosetta Stone for the search of Earth-like worlds M. Vázquez III-11||V||1
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences Vol. 38 Raymond Jeanloz IV-01||E||38
Stellar populations - planning for the next decade (IAU Symposium 262) Gustavo Bruzual A. III-01||Z||262
Icy bodies of the solar system (IAU Symposium 263) Julio A. Fernandez III-01||Z||263
Light elements in the universe (IAU Symposium 268) Corinne Charbonnel III-01||Z||268
Annual review of fluid mechanics Vol. 42 Stephen H. Davis II-01||F||42
Submillimeter astrophysics and technology : a symposium honoring Thomas G. Phillips Dariusz C. Lis III-01||ASP||417
Solar-stellar dynamos as revealed by Helio-and asteroseismology Mausumi Dikpati III-01||ASP||416
The second Hinode science meeting : beyond discovery-toward understanding B. Lites III-01||ASP||415
Chemical abundances in the universe : connecting first stars to planets (IAU Symposium 265) Katia Cunha III-01||Z||265
Solar and stellar variability: impact on earth and planets (IAU Symposium 264) Alexander G. Kosovichev III-01||Z||264
Dark energy Yun Wang III-45||W||7
Fundamentals of Cosmology James Rich III-45||R||14
The jet paradigm : from microquasars to quasars T. Belloni III-35||B||7
Formation and evolution of exoplanets Rory Barnes III-11||B||10
Dynamics of small solar system bodies and exoplanets Rudolf Dvorak III-10||S||3
3D spectroscopy in astronomy : XVII Canary Island winter school of astrophysics Evencio Mediavilla II-72||S||2
Complex and dusty plasmas : from laboratory to space Vladimir E. Fortov II-40||F||3
Relaxation dynamics in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas Patrick H. Diamond II-40||D||7
岩波数学公式Ⅰ微分積分・平面曲線 森口繁一 V-11||MO||1e
岩波数学公式Ⅱ級数・フーリエ解析 森口繁一 V-11||MO||2e
岩波数学公式Ⅲ特殊函数 森口繁一 V-11||MO||3e
SFアニメを科楽する! 福江純 III-02||F||24
Star clusters : basic galactic building blocks throughout time and space (IAU Symposium 266) Richard de Grijs III-01||Z||266
Relativity in fundamental astronomy : dynamics, reference frames, and data analysis (IAU Symposium 261) Sergei A. Klioner III-01||Z||261
パターン認識(Rで学ぶデータサイエンス5) 金森敬文 I-13||K||10
多次元データ解析法(Rで学ぶデータサイエンス2) 中村永友 I-13||K||9
プログラミング言語Ruby David Flanagan I-32||F||2
初めてのPython Mark Lutz I-32||L||2
The R tips : データ解析環境Rの基本技・グラフィックス活用集 舟尾暢男 I-13||F||6
Smoothed particle hydrodynamics : a meshfree particle method G.R. Liu II-12||L||8
太陽の科学 : 磁場から宇宙の謎に迫る 柴田一成 III-20||S||13
Radiative processes in astrophysics George B. Rybicki III-31||R||4a
Cataclysmic variable stars Brian Warner III-33||W||6a
Progress in optics Vol. 54 E. Wolf II-71||W||54
CIP法とJavaによるCGシミュレーション 矢部孝 II-12||Y||2
粒子法による力学 : 連続体シミュレーションへの展開 W.G.Hoover著 ; 志田晃一郎訳 II-12||H||4
Rで学ぶクラスタ解析 新納浩幸 I-13||S||9
MHD flows in compact astrophysical objects : accretion, winds and jets Vasily S. Beskin II-42||B||4
Asteroseismology C. Aerts III-32||A||7
The scientific exploration of Mars Fredric W. Taylor III-11||T||2
Planetary tectonics Thomas R. Watters III-11||W||5
Protoplanetary dust : astrochemical and cosmochemical perspectives Dániel Apai III-11||A||4
The cosmic microwave background : from quantum fluctuations to the present universe J. A. Rubiño-Martin III-45||R||13
Astrophysics of planet formation Philip J. Armitage III-11||A||4
Bayesian methods in cosmology M.P. Hobson III-45||H||9
Particle dark matter : observations, models and searches Gianfranco Bertone III-45||B||24
Stellar polarimetry David Clarke III-33||C||12
The magnetic universe : the elusive traces of an invisible force J.B. Zirker III-35||Z||3
計算流体力学 : CIPマルチモーメント法による手法 肖鋒 II-12||S||8
流体力学の数値計算法 藤井孝藏 II-12||F||6
科学論文の英語用法百科第1編よく誤用される単語と表現 グレン・パケット V-50||P
独和大辞典 国松孝二 V-50||独和
Rプログラミングマニュアル 間瀬茂 I-13||M||2
CIP法 : 原子から宇宙までを解くマルチスケール解法 矢部孝 II-12||Y||1
「R」で学ぶデータマイニング データ解析編 熊谷悦生 I-13||K||8
プログラミングR : 基礎からグラフィックスまで 高階知巳 I-13||T||3
研究社露和辞典(参考図書、帯出禁止) 東郷正延 V-50||露和
Black-hole accretion disks : towards a new paradigm Shoji Kato III-33||K||10a
Accretion power in astrophysics Juhan Frank III-35||F||4a
The starburst-AGN connection : proceedings of a workshop held at Shanghai Normal University Weimin Wang III-01||ASP||408
Astronomical data analysis software and systems XVIII : proceedings of a workshop held at Hotel Loews Le Concorde, Québec City, QC, Canada David A. Bohlender III-01||ASP||411
The biggest, baddest, coolest stars : proceedings of a workshop held at the Millennium Centre, Johnson City, Tennessee, USA Donald G. Luttermoser III-01||ASP||412
2nd crisis in cosmology conference, CCC-2 : proceedings of a conference held at Port Angeles, Washington, USA Frank Potter III-01||ASP||413
天体物理学の基礎Ⅰ 観山正見 III-01||MAS-11a||学
計算統計Ⅱ:マルコフ連鎖モンテカルロ法とその周辺 伊庭幸人 I-13||TF||3
パターン認識と学習の統計学 : 新しい概念と手法 麻生英樹 I-13||TF||2
階層ベイズモデルとその周辺 : 時系列・画像・認知への応用 石黒真木夫 I-13||TF||1
入門ベイズ統計 : 意思決定の理論と発展 松原望 I-13||M||2
「逆」引き統計学 : 実践統計テスト100 G・K・カンジ I-13||K||7
基礎統計学Ⅲ:自然科学の統計学 東京大学教養学部統計学教室編 I-13||TO2||学
基礎統計学Ⅰ:統計学入門 東京大学教養学部統計学教室編 I-13||TO1||学
Preserving astronomy's photographic legacy : current state and the future of North American astronomical plates Wayne Osborn III-01||ASP||410
Cosmology across cultures : proceedings of a workshop held at Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, Spain 8-12 September 2008 José Alberto Rubiño-Martín III-01||ASP||409
基幹物理学 : こつこつと学ぶ人のためのテキスト 星崎憲夫 II-00||HO||学
ロワイヤル仏和中辞典(参考図書、帯出禁止) 田村毅 V-50||仏和
Cosmic noise : a history of early radio astronomy Woodruff T. Sullivan III-70||S||9
An introduction to the theory of stellar structure and evolution Dina Prialnik III-32||P||4
Theory of orbit determination Andrea Milani III-52||M||3
The solar corona Leon Golub III-21||G||2
Black holes : an introduction Derek Raine III-46||R||2
Jets from Young Stars IV : from models to observations and experiments P.J.V. Garcia III-35||G||2
Jets from Young Stars V : high performance computing and applications J. Gracia III-35||G||1
Structures in the universe by exact methods : formation, evolution, interactions Krzysztof Bolejko III-32||B||3
Massive stars : from Pop III and GRBs to the Milky Way Mario Livio III-40||L||10
Geometric optics : theory and design of astronomical optical systems using mathematica Antonio Romano III-91||R||3
The life of stars : the controversial inception and emergence of the theory of stellar structure Giora Shaviv III-32||S||1
Titan from Cassini-Huygens Robert H. Brown III-11||C-H||1
Saturn from Cassini-Huygens Michele K. Dougherty III-11||C-H||2
天体物理学の基礎 I 観山正見 III-01||MAS-11||学