New Books (2004)

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Asymmetrical planetary nebulae III Meixner, M. III-01||ASP||313
Stars as suns: Activity, evolution and planets Dupree, A.K. III-01||Z||219
Supermassive black holes in the distant universe Barger, A.J. III-01||B||308
Multiwavelength AGN surveys Mujica, R. III-44||M||17
High-velocity clouds van Woerden, H. III-01||B||312

Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics Vol.42 III-01||B||42
Bioastronomy 2002: Life among the Stars Norris, R.P. III-01||Z||213
Recycling Intergalactic and Interstellar Matter Duc, P.-A. III-01||Z||217
Dark Matter in Galaxies Ryder, S.D. III-01||Z||220
From X-Ray Binaries to Gamma-Ray Bursts van den Heuvel, E.P.J. III-01||ASP||308
Astrophysics of Dust Witt, A.N. III-01||ASP||309
Variable Stars in the Local Group (IAU Colloq. 193) Kurtz, D.W. III-01||ASP||310
AGN Physics with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Richards, G.T. III-01||ASP||311
Third Rome Workshop on Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era Feroci, M. III-01||ASP||312
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII Ochsenbein, F. III-01||ASP||314
Frontiers of X-Ray Astaronomy Fabian, A.C. III-70||F||2
The Interstellar Medium Lequeux, J. III-34||L||8
Multiwavelength Cosmology Plionis, M. III-01||B||301
Coevolution of Black Holes and Galaxies Ho, L.C. III-01||CA||1
Measuring and Modeling the Universe Freedman, W.L. III-01||CA||2
Clusters of Galaxies Mulchaey, J.S. III-01||CA||3
Origin and Evolution of the Elements McWilliam, A. III-01||CA||4
Star Formation at High Angular Resolution Burton, M. III-01||Z||221
Physics of the Solar Corona : an Introduction Aschwanden, M.J. III-21||A||1
Dark Matter in the Universe 2nd ed. Bahcal, J. III-45||B||22

The Role of VLBI in Astrophysics, Astrometry and Geodesy Mantovani, F. III-70||M||4
Beyond the Desert 2003 K.-Kleingrothaus, H.V. III-45||K||9
Stellar Collapse Fryer, C.L. III-01||B||302
Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics 2nd ed. Bergstrom, L. III-45||B||21
Progress in Optics Vol.46 Wolf, E. II-41||W||46
Astrophysical supercomputing using particle simulations Makino, J. III-01||Z||208
Brown dwarfs Martin, E. III-01||Z||211
High energy processes and phenomena Li, X.D. III-01||Z||214
Highlights of astronomy. Rickman, H. III-o1||X||12
A massive star odysse Van der Hucht, K. III-01||Z||212
Modelling of stellar atmospheres Piskunov, W. III-01||Z||210
Planetary nebulae Kwok, S. III-01||Z||209
The Dense Interstellar Medium in Galaxies Pfalzner, S. III-44||P||6

Fundamentals of Astrometry Kovalevsky, J. III-60||K||5

写真集太陽 : 身近な恒星の最新像 柴田一成 III-20||S||9
最新宇宙学 : 研究者たちの夢と戦い 粟野諭美 III-02||A||8
マンガ手作りの宇宙 : 身近な材料で“宇宙"を工作する 横尾武夫 III-02||Y||3
「見えない宇宙」の歩き方 : ブラックホールからニュートリノまで 福江純 III-02||F||9

Annual review of fluid mechanics. -- v. 36.    II-01||F||36
The cold universe A.W. Blain III-44||B||22
近世日本における科学・技術の源流 : ガリレオ、レーウェンフックから一貫斎まで    III-03||E||1
Stellar candles for the extragalactic distance scale D. Alloin III-33||G||12
High energy cosmic rays Todor Stanev III-71||S||21
The dark universe : matter, energy and gravity Mario Livio III-45||L||7
Sunquakes : probing the interior of the sun J.B. Zirker III-21||Z||3
Stellar interiors : physical principles, structure, and evolution. Carl J. Hansen III-32||H||6
Solar astrophysics 2nd. rev. ed. Peter V. Fouka III-20||F||2
Scientific detectors for astronomy : the beginning of a new era Paola Amico III-01||B||300
Relativistic numerical hydrodynamics James R. Wilson III-35||W||2
Cosmochemistry : the melting pot of the elements C. Esteban III-45||E||2
Astrophysics update John Mason III-30||M||10
Physics of space plasmas : an introduction George K Parks III-35||P||6
Advanced astrophysics Neb Duric III-31||D||2
New technologies in VLBI Y. C. Minh III-01||ASP||306
Solar polarization 3 J. Trujillo Bueno III-01||ASP||307
International conference on magnetic fields in o,b and a stars Luis Balona III-01||ASP||305
CNO in the universe Corinne Charbonnel III-01||ASP||304
Accretion discs, jets and high energy phenomena in astrophysics Vassily Beskin III-31||B||16
Proceedings of the WISER workshops on World Space Envi III-15||C||1
Symbiotic stars probing stellar evolution III-01||ASP||303
New worlds in astroparticle physics Alexander Krasnitz III-71||K||4
Turbulence, waves and instabilities in the solar plasma R. Erdelyi III-20||E||2
Neutrino physics K. Zuber II-53||Z||1
Solar wind ten. Marco Velli III-21||V||1
Stellar astrophysics K.S. Cheng III-01||B||298
Solid state astrochemistry Valerio Pirronello III-34||P||6
Radiation hazard in space Leonty I. Miroshnichenko III-01||B||297
Physics of the solar system : dynamics and evolution, space physics, and spacetime structure Bruno Bertotti III-01||B||293
Integrable problems of celestial mechanics in spaces of constant curvature Tatiana G. Vozmischeva III-01||B||295
Disks, planetesimals, and planets F.Garzon III-01||ASP||219

Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics 49 Bederson, B. II-01||B||49
Matter and energy in clusters of galaxies Bowyer, S. III-01||ASP||301
On black holes and gravitational waves Loinger, A. III-46||L||2
The Yohkoh HXT/SXT flare catalogue Stao, J. III-22||S||8
OIST-4 proceedings Stauning, P. IV-20||S||2

The scalar-tensor theory of gravitation Fujii, Y. II-35||F||5
Nuclei in the cosmos VII Kunono, S. III-31||K||7
Granular gas dynamics Poschel, T. III-35||P||5
Introduction to relativity McGlinn, W.D. II-35||M||9