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Clustering at High Redshift Mazure, A. ASP Conf. 200 III-01A-200
Cosmic Flows 1999: Towards an Understanding of Large-Scale Structure Courteau,S. ASP Conf. 201 III-01A-201
Pulsar Astronomy -2000 and Beyond Kramer, M. ASP Conf. 202
IAU Coll. 177
The Impact of Large-Scale Surveys on Pulsating Star Research Szabados, L. ASP Conf. 203
IAU Coll. 176
NGST Science and Technology Exposition Smith, E.P. ASP Conf. 207 III-01A-207
Small Galaxy Groups Valtonen, M.J. ASP Conf. 209
IAU Coll. 174
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX Manset, N. ASP Conf. 216 III-01A-216
Stars, Gas and Dust in Galaxies Alloin, D. ASP Conf. 221 III-01A-221
The Physics of Galaxy Formation Umemura, M. ASP Conf. 222 III-01A-222
Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun Lopez, R.J.G. ASP Conf. 223 III-01A-223
Probing the Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei by Multiwavelength Monitoring Peterson, B.M. ASP Conf. 224 III-01A-224
12th European Conference on White Dwarfs Provencal, J.L. ASP Conf. 226 III-01A-226
Blazar Demographics and Physics Padovani, P. ASP Conf. 227 III-01A-227
Evolution of Binary and Multiple Star Systems Poodsiadlowski, P. ASP Conf. 229 III-01A-229
Galaxy Disks and Disk Galaxies Funes, J.G. ASP Conf. 230 III-01A-230
TETONS 4: Galactic Structure, Stars and the Interstellar Medium Woodward, C.E. ASP Conf. 231 III-01A-231
The New Era of Wide Field Astronomy Clowes, R. ASP Conf. 232 III-01A-232
Advanced Solar Polarimetry Theory, Observation, and Instrumentation Sigwarth, M. ASP Conf. 236 III-01A-236
Gravitational Lensing Brainerd, T.G. ASP Conf. 237 III-01A-237

Starburst Galaxies: Near and Far Tacconi, L. Springer Proc. in Physics 88 III-44-T
Scientific Charge-Coupled Devices Janesick, J.R.    III-90-J
The Active X-Ray Sky Scarsi, L.     III-71-S
The Universe in Gamma Rays Schonfelder, V. A&A Library III-71-S
Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics II Zamorano, J.     III-30-Z
Post-AGB Objects as a Phase of Stellar Evolution Szczerba, R. ASSL265 III-01B-265
The Influence of Binaries on Stellar Population Studies Vanbeberen, D. ASSL 264 III-01B-264
Quasars, AGNs and Related Research Across 2000 Setti, G. ESOAstrophys.Smpo. III-44-S
Reflecting Telescope Optics Wilson, R.N. A&A Library III-91-W
Astrophysical Sources for Ground-Based Gravitational Wave Detectors Centrella, J.M. AIP Conf. Proc. 575 II-35-C
Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Phyisics 46,47 Bederson, B.     II-01B-46,47
The Chemical Evolution of the Galaxy Matteucci, F. ASSL 253 III-01B-253
宇宙物理学 高原文郎     III-31-T

Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics   33              Lumley       Ann. Review    II-01-F33 
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences   29          Ann. Review IV-01-E29
Electrohydrodynamics in Dusty and Dirty Plasmas Kikuchi, H. ASSL 258 III-01B-258
Stellar Pulsation -Nonlinear Studies Takeuci, M. ASSL 257 III-01B-257
Binary Stars: Selected Topics on Observations and ... Lazaro, F.C.      LNP 563   III-43-L   
Fundamentals of Cosmology Rich, J.         III-45-R  
Explosive Phenomena n Astrophysical Compact Objects   Chang, H.-Y.   AIP Conf. 556   III-33-C  
Singularity Theory and Gravitational Lensing Petters, A.O.            III-45-P  
Advanced Lectures on the Starburst-AGN Connection    Aretxaga, I.           III-44-A  
Young Supernova Remnants   Holt, S.S.     AIP Conf. 565     III-33-H
Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts Livio, M. STSI symp. 13 III-33-L
Statistical Physics of Fluids Kalikmanov, V.I.      II-12-K
Sources and Detection of Dark Matter and Dark Energy ... Cline, D.B.       III-45-C

Very Low-Mass Stars and   Brown Dwarfs  Rebolo, R.   III-40-R
Stellar Physics I. Fundamental Concepts … Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G.S. A&A Library III-32-B
Plasmas in the Universe Coppi, B. Enrico Fermi III-35- C
The Primordial Universe Binetruy, P  Les Houches III-45-B
Granular Gases  Poschel, T. LNP 564 III-35-P
Japanese-German Workshop on High Energy Astrophysics Becker, W. MPE Rep. 270 III-71-B
Diffuse Thermal and Relativistic Plasma in Galaxy Clusters Bohringer, H. MPE Rep. 271 III-44-B
Traces of the Primordial Structure in the  Universe Bohringer, H. MPE Rep. 227 III-45-B
Studying the Universe with Clusters of Galaxies Bohringer, H. MPE Rep. 256 III-44-B
The Universe as seen by ISO Vol.1, 2        ESA SP-427 III-72-E

The Be Phenomenon in Early-Type Stars  Smith, M.A. IAU Coll. 187,     ASP Conf. 214  III-01A-214
Imaging at Radio through Submillimeter Wavelengths Mangum, J.G. ASP Conf. 217 III-01A-217
Mapping the Hidden Universe Kraan-Korteweg, R.C. ASP Conf. 218 III-01A-218
From Giant Planets to Cool Stars Griffith, C.A. ASP Conf. 212 III-01A-212
Optical and IR Telescope Instrumentation and Detectors  Part 1,2 Iye, M. SPIE 4008 III-90-I-1, 2
Telescope Structures, Enclosures, Controls, Assembly.... Sebring, T.A. SPIE 4004 III-90-S
Ex;ploring the Universe Gursky, H.    III-71-G
Advances in Solar Research at Eclipses from Ground and from Space Zahn, J.-P. NATO Sceicne Ser. 558 III-16-Z
Infrared Space astronomy, Today and Tomorrow Casoli, F. NATO  III-72-C
The Light Elements and Their Evolution da Silva, L. IAU Symp.198 III-01X-198
Optical Detectores for Astroomy II Amico, P. ASSL 252 III-01B-252
The Evolution of the Milky Way Matteucci, F. ASSL255 III-01B-255
Information Handling in Astronomy Heck, A. ASSL 250 III-01B-250
Stellar Astrophysics Cheng, K.S. ASSL 254 III-01B-254

Molecular Hydrogen in Space  Combes, F.    III-34-C
Finite Mixture Models McLachlan, G.   II-22-M

Bioastronomy '99 Lemarchand, G.A. ASP Conf. Ser.213 III-01A-213
High Enrgy Solar Physics -Anticipating HESSI Ramaty, R. ASP Conf. Ser.206 III-01A-206
Cosmic Evolution and Galaxy Formation Franco, J. ASP Conf. Ser.215 III-01A-215
The Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium in Turkey Livingston, W.C. ASP Conf. Ser.205 III-01A-205
Thermal and Ionization Aspects of Flows from Hot Stars Lamers, H.J.G.L.M. ASP Conf. Ser.204 III-01A-204
Massive Stellar Clusters Lancon, A.         
Numerical Recipes in C, Second ed. Press, W.H.     I-32-P
Annual Review of Astornomy and Astrophysics 38            III-01A-38
Progress in Optics 41         II-71W-41
ISO Surveys of a Dusty Universe Lemke, D. Lecture Notes  III-72-L
An Intro. to the Theory of Stellar Structure and Evolution  Prialnik, D.   III-32-P
From the Sun to the Great Attractor Page, D Lecture Notes  III-30-P
Star Culsters Carney, B.W. Saas-Fee 28 III-41-C
Discoveries and Resarch Prospects from 8-to 10M-Class Telescopes   SPIE 4005 III-90-B
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