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Physics of shock waves and high-temperature hydrodynamic phenomena Ya. B. Zelʹdovich, Yu. P. Raizer II-00||Z||3
Basics of plasma astrophysics Claudio Chiuderi, Marco Velli III-31||C||11
Solar cosmic rays : fundamentals and applications Leonty Miroshnichenko III-01||B||405
Very massive stars in the local universe Jorick S. Vink III-01||B||412
The formation and disruption of black hole jets Ioannis Contopoulos, Denise Gabuzda and Nikolaos Kylafis III-01||B||414
Solar prominences Jean-Claude Vial, Oddbjørn Engvold III-01||B||415
Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology : an introduction Peter Schneider III-30||S||15
Galactic and intergalactic magnetic fields Ulrich Klein, Andrew Fletcher III-31||K||10
Black holes : a student text Derek Raine & Edwin Thomas III-46||R||4
生命の惑星 : ビッグバンから人類までの地球の進化 チャールズ・H・ラングミューアー, ウォリー・ブロッカー III-00||L||3
大規模構造の宇宙論 : 宇宙に生まれた絶妙な多様性 松原隆彦 III-45||M||18
宇宙論の物理 上下 松原隆彦 III-45||M||19
Astronomical algorithms Jean Meeus III-04||M||2
Resolving the future of astronomy with long-baseline interferometry : proceedings of a conference held at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, New Mexico, USA, 28-31 March 2011 Michelle J. Creech-Eakman, Joyce A. Guzik, Robert E. Stencel III-01||ASP||487
Numerical modeling of space plasma flows, ASTRONUM-2013 : proceedings of a 8th International Conference held at Biarritz, France, July 1-5, 2013 Nikolai V. Pogorelov, Edouard Audit, Gary P. Zank III-01||ASP||488
Solar polarization 7 : proceedings of a workshop held at Expo Garden Hotel, Kunming, China, 9-13 September 2013 K.N. Nagendra, et al. III-01||ASP||489
Physics of the plasma universe Anthony L. Peratt II-41||P||3
An introduction to practical laboratory optics J.F. James II-70||J||1
Light scattering and radiative transfer (Light scattering reviews 9) Alexander A. Kokhanovsky II-63||K||3
Statistical methods for astronomical data analysis Asis Kumar Chattopadhyay, Tanuka Chattopadhyay I-33||C||1
Theory of stellar atmospheres : an introduction to astrophysical non-equilibrium quantitative spectroscopic analysis Ivan Hubeny and Dimitri Mihalas III-31||H||14
The formation of the solar system : theories old and new Michael M. Woolfson III-10||W||3
Gravity : Newtonian, post-Newtonian, relativistic Eric Poisson, Clifford M. Will II-35||P||4
Investigating astronomy : a conceptual view of the universe Timothy F. Slater, Roger A. Freedman III-00||S||9
Plasma physics : an introduction Richard Fitzpatrick II-40||F||4
東洋天文学史 中村士 III-03||N||10
算数でわかる天文学 ダニエル・フライシュ, ジュリア・クレゲナウ III-00||F||4
宇宙 : 果てのない探索の歴史 トム・ジャクソン III-00||J||7
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics Leo Goldberg, editor III-01||AR||52
Astronomical data analysis software and systems XXIII : proceedings of a meeting held at Waikoloa Beach Marriott, Hawaii, USA, 29 September - 3 October, 2013 N. Manset, P. Forshay III-01||ASP||485
Computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer Richard H. Pletcher, John C. Tannehill, Dale A. Anderson II-12||P||3
Observing variable stars, novae and supernovae Gerald North III-03||N||9
Choosing and using astronomical filters Martin Griffiths III-60||G||4
The observer's guide to planetary motion : explaining the cycles of the night sky Dominic Ford III-60||F||3
メシエ天体ビジュアルガイド : 星雲・星団110個すべてを写真と星図で見せる 中西昭雄 III-02||N||4
Universe / 宇宙大図鑑 マーティン・リース III-02||R||2
初めてのPerl Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy, Tom Phoenix I-13||S||5
続・初めてのPerl Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy, Tom Phoenix I-13||S||6
ヘリウェル特殊相対論 : 本質を理解するための3つの規則 T.M.Helliwell著 ; 江里口良治訳 II-35||H||5
天文教育 = Education of astronomy 佐藤明達 III-04||S||1
国友一貫斎考案の井戸掘り機 : 徳山藩の砲術師範・中川半平との交流 村野豊 V-60||M||3
Outstanding problems in heliophysics : from coronal heating to the edge of the heliosphere : proceedings of a 12th Annual International Astrophysics Conference held at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA, 14-19 April 2013 Qiang Hu, Gary P. Zank III-01||ASP||484
Multi-spin galaxies : proceedings of a conference held at INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte, Napoli, Italy, 30 September-3 October 3 2013 Enrichetta Iodice, Enrico Maria Corsini III-01||ASP||486
Magnetic fields throughout stellar evolution : proceedings of the 302nd symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Biarritz, France August 25-30, 2013 Pascal Petit, Moira Jardine, Hendrik C. Spruit III-01||Z||302
Multiwavelength AGN surveys and studies : proceedings of the 304th symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Yerevan, Armenia, October 7-11, 2013 Areg M. Mickaelian, David B. Sanders III-01||Z||304
天文宇宙検定公式テキスト2級 天文宇宙検定委員会 III-01||TEST||3
天文宇宙検定公式テキスト3級 天文宇宙検定委員会 III-01||TEST||4
天文宇宙検定公式テキスト4級 天文宇宙検定委員会 III-01||TEST||5
天文宇宙検定公式問題集1級 天文宇宙検定委員会 III-01||TEST2||1
天文宇宙検定公式問題集2級 天文宇宙検定委員会 III-01||TEST2||2
天文宇宙検定公式問題集3級 天文宇宙検定委員会 III-01||TEST2||3
天文宇宙検定公式問題集4級 天文宇宙検定委員会 III-01||TEST2||4
Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics Sir David Bates, Benjamin Bederson II-01||B||63
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences Fred A. Donath, et al. IV-01||E||42
超・宇宙を解く : 現代天文学演習 福江純, 沢武文編 III-00||F||3
Bayesian probability theory : applications in the physical sciences Wolfgang von der Linden, Volker Dose, Udo von Toussaint I-13||L||3
Nonlinear dynamics and chaotic phenomena : an introduction Bhimsen K. Shivamoggi II-10||S||2
Complex plasmas : scientific challenges and technological opportunities Michael Bonitz, Jose Lopez, Kurt Becker, Hauke Thomsen II-40||B||8
Plasmas : the first state of matter Vinod Krishan II-40||K||10
Kinetics of complex plasmas Mahendra Singh Sodha II-40||S||11
Ideal MHD Jeffrey Freidberg II-42||F||3
Principles of astrophysics : using gravity and stellar physics to explore the cosmos Charles Keeton III-00||K||9
Nearest star : the surprising science of our sun Leon Golub, Jay M. Pasachoff III-20||G||3
General relativity, cosmology and astrophysics : perspectives 100 years after Einstein's stay in Prague Jiří Bičák, Tomáš Ledvinka III-45||B||28
Dynamics of galaxies Giuseppe Bertin III-50||B||11
Concise catalog of deep-sky objects : astrophysical information for 550 galaxies, clusters and nebulae Warren H. Finlay III-93||F||1
林忠四郎の全仕事 : 宇宙の物理学 佐藤文隆 III-00||S||8
地球接近天体 : いかに早く見つけ、いかに衝突を回避するか ドナルド・ヨーマンズ著
生命の起源 : 地球と宇宙をめぐる最大の謎に迫る ポール・デイヴィス著
Fifty years of seismology of the sun and stars : proceedings of a workshop held at The Westin La Paloma, Tucson, Arizona, USA, 6-10 May 2013 Kiran Jain, et al. III-01||ASP||478
Progress in physics of the sun and stars : a new era in helio- and asteroseismology : proceedings of a Fujihara Seminar held at Hakone, Japan, in 25-29 November 2012 Hiromoto Shibahashi, Anthony E. Lynas-Gray III-01||ASP||479
Structure and dynamics of disk galaxies : proceedings of a conference held at The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, Petit Jean Mountain, Arkansas, USA, 12-16 August 2013 Marc S. Seigar, Patrick Treuthardt III-01||ASP||480
6th conference on hot subdwarf stars and related objects : proceedings of a conference held at Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA, 19-24 May 2013 V. Van Grootel et al. III-01||ASP||481
Magnetohydrodynamics of the Sun Eric Priest III-20||P||2
The galactic center : Feeding and feedback in a normal galactic nucleus : proceedings of the 303rd symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Santa Fe, NM, USA, September 30 - October 4, 2013 Loránt O. Sjouwerman, Cornelia C. Lang and Jürgen Ott III-01||Z||303
Formation, detection, and characterization of extrasolar habitable planets : proceedings of the 293rd symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Beijing, China, August 27-31, 2012 Nader Haghighipour III-01||Z||293
New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era the 30th Anniversary of Nobeyama Radio Observatory : proceedings of a symposium held at Hakone, Japan, 3-8 December 2012 Ryohei Kawabe, Nario Kuno, Satoshi Yamamoto III-01||ASP||476
Magnetic reconnection : MHD theory and applications Eric Priest, Terry Forbes III-31||P||3
Progress in optics E. Wolf II-71||W||59
Relativistic hydrodynamics Luciano Rezzolla, Olindo Zanotti II-12||R||4
Electromagnetic scattering by particles and particle groups : an introduction Michael I. Mishchenko II-63||M||1
Planetary rings : a post-equinox view Larry W. Esposito III-11||E||1a
Hydrodynamics and stellar winds : an introduction Walter J. Maciel III-31||M||10
Life and death of the stars Ganesan Srinivasan III-32||S||9
Physics and chemistry of circumstellar dust shells Hans-Peter Gail, Erwin Sedlmayr III-40||G||4
The analysis of starlight : two centuries of astronomical spectroscopy John B. Hearnshaw III-40||H||3
Revealing the heart of the galaxy : the Milky Way and its black hole Robert H. Sanders III-44||S||20
素粒子で地球を視る : 高エネルギー地球科学入門 田中宏幸, 竹内薫 IV-11||T||2
宇宙物理学 二間瀬敏史 III-45||F||7
Supernova environmental impacts : proceedings of the 296th symposium of the International Astronomical Union Alak K. Ray III-01||Z||296
The diffuse interstellar bands : proceedings of the 297th symposium of the International Astronomical Union Jan Cami III-01||Z||297
Precision asteroseismology : proceedings of the 301st symposium of the International Astronomical Union Joyce A. Guzik III-01||Z||301