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Solar image analysis and visualization J. Ireland III-20||I||1
Stellar pulsations : impact of new instrumentation and new insights J.C. Suárez III-30||S||12
Multi-scale dynamical processes in space and astrophysical plasmas Manfred P. Leubner III-30||L||10
An introduction to waves and oscillations in the sun A. Satya Narayanan III-20||N||2
High energy astrophysics : an introduction Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier III-71||C||8
Counterflows : paradoxical fluid mechanics phenomena Vladimir Shtern II-12||S||9
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics S.M. Faber III-01||AR||50
An introduction to general relativity and cosmology Jerzy Plebański III-45||P||13
Quantum plasmadynamics : Magnetized plasmas Donald Melrose II-41||M||6
Fifty years of quasars : from early observations and ideas to future research Mauro D'Onofrio III-01||B||386
Plasma astrophysics ; part 2 : Reconnection and flares Boris V. Somov III-01||B||392-2
重力はなぜ生まれたのか : ヒッグス粒子発見に至る希代の物理学者たちの重力探求の道 ブライアン・クレッグ著 ; 谷口義明訳 II-00||CL||学

ロシア宇宙開発史 : 気球からヴォストークまで

冨田信之 III-03||T||9
ラプラスの天体力学論 第3巻 ピエール=シモン・ラプラス著 ; 竹下貞雄訳 III-50||LA1-3||学
相対論的量子力学 川村嘉春 II-61||KA||学
宇宙プラズマ物理学 桜井邦朋 II-40||SA||学
The solar dynamics observatory Phillip Chamberlin III-20||C||2
The death of massive stars : supernovae and gamma-ray bursts : proceedings of the 279th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Nikko, Japan, March 12-16, 2012 Peter W.A. Roming III-01||Z||279
The spectral energy distribution of galaxies : proceedings of the 284th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, United Kingdom, September 5-9, 2011 Richard J. Tuffs III-01||Z||284
Planetary nebulae : an eye to the future : proceedings of the 283rd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, July 25-29, 2011 Arturo Manchado III-01||Z||283
Progress in optics E. Wolf II-71||W||57
Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics, Vol. 61, 2012 Sir David Bates II-01||B||61
Cosmic masers - from OH to H0 : proceedings of the 287th symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Stellenbosch, South Africa, January 29 - February 3, 2012 Roy S. Booth III-01||Z||287
太陽活動と地球 : 生命・環境をつかさどる太陽 ジョン・エディ著
天文学辞典 岡村定矩代表編者 V-50||O||3
Active galactic nuclei Volker Beckmann III-44||B||26
Basic optics for the astronomical sciences James B. Breckinridge III-92||B||3
Fundamentals and practice (Plasma astrophysics part 1) Boris V. Somov III-01||B||391
Black hole astrophysics : the engine paradigm David L. Meier III-46||M||1
The environments of the sun and the stars Jean-Pierre Rozelot III-00||R||5
Electron and proton kinetics and dynamics in flaring atmospheres Valentina Zharkova III-21||Z||4
Comparative magnetic minima : characterizing quiet times in the sun and stars : proceedings of the 286th symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in the City of Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina October 3-7, 2011 Cristina H. Mandrini III-01||Z||286
Reports on astronomy (Transactions of the International Astronomical Union) Ian F. Corbett III-01||Y||28A
Numerical modeling of space plasma flows : ASTRONUM-2011 : proceedings of the 6th international conference held at Valencia, SPAIN, June 13-17, 2011 Nikolai V. Pogorelov III-01||ASP||459
Fifth Hinode Science Meeting : exploring the active sun : proceedings of a conference held at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 10-15 October 2011 Leon Golub III-01||ASP||456
Fifth meeting on hot subdwarf stars and related objects : proceedings of a workshop held at Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa 25-29 July 2011 David Kilkenny III-01||ASP||452
The ninth Pacific Rim conference on stellar astrophysics : proceedings of a conference held at Lijiang, China, in 14-20 April 2011 Shengbang Qian III-01||ASP||451
Molecules in the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Planets : proceedings of a conference held at Observatoire de Paris, Paris, France 19-21 November 2008 Jean Philippe Beaulieu III-01||ASP||450
Astronomical polarimetry 2008 : science from small to large telescopes : proceedings of a workshop held at Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada, 6-11 July 2008 Pierre Bastien III-01||ASP||449
The 16th Cambridge workshop on cool stars, stellar systems and the sun Christopher M. Johns-Krull III-01||ASP||448
Evolution of compact binaries : proceedings of a workshop held at Hotel San Martín, Viña del Mar, Chile, 6-11 May 2011 Linda Schmidtobreick III-01||ASP||447
Galaxy evolution : infrared to millimeter wavelength perspective : proceedings of a conference held at Guilin, China, 25 - 29 October 2010 Weimin Wang III-01||ASP||446
新装版 現代物理学の基礎: 宇宙物理学 林忠四郎 他 II-01||IW-12a||学
シリーズ現代の天文学第2巻:宇宙論 I: 宇宙のはじまり(第2版) 佐藤勝彦 他 III-01||MAS-2b||学
ラプラスの天体力学論 第2巻 ピエール=シモン・ラプラス著
Introduction to black hole physics Valeri P. Frolov & Andrei Zelnikov III-46||F||4
Vignettes in Gravitation and Cosmology L. Sriramkumar III-45||S||31
Fluid mechanics and the SPH method : theory and applications Damien Violeau II-12||V||1
Maser sources in astrophysics Malcolm Gray III-31||G||12
Advances in machine learning and data mining for astronomy Michael J. Way III-04||W||1
Stellar magnetism Leon Mestel III-35||M||7
The synthesis of the elements : the astrophysical quest for nucleosynthesis and what it can tell us about the universe Giora Shaviv III-01||B||387
Nanodust in the solar system : discoveries and interpretations Ingrid Mann III-01||B||385
Dwarf galaxies : keys to galaxy formation and evolution : proceedings of Symposium 3 of JENAM 2010 Polychronis Papaderos III-30||P||10
The formation and early evolution of stars : from dust to stars and planets Norbert S. Schulz III-34||S||8a
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences, Vol. 40, 2012 Raymond Jeanloz IV-01||E||40
From interacting binaries to exoplanets: essential modeling tools : proceedings of the 282nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia, July 18-22, 2011 Mercedes T. Richards III-01||Z||282
曲線の事典 : 性質・歴史・作図法 礒田正美 V-50||I||2
New Horizons in Time Domain Astronomy : proceedings of the 285th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Oxford, United Kingdom, September 19-23, 2011 R. Elizabeth Griffin III-01||Z||285
星の文化史事典 出雲晶子 III-03||I||1
時間と宇宙のすべて アダム・フランク著 ; 水谷淳訳 III-03||F||1
宇宙観5000年史 : 人類は宇宙をどうみてきたか 中村士, 岡村定矩 III-03||N||8
宇宙はなぜこんなにうまくできているのか 村山斉 III-02||M||7
宇宙の渚 : 上空400kmの世界 NHK取材班編 III-02||N||3
巨大ブラックホールと宇宙 谷口義明, 和田桂一 III-02||T||2
宇宙電波天文学 赤羽賢司, 海部宣男, 田原博人 III-70||AK||学
ラプラスの天体力学論 第1巻 ピエール=シモン・ラプラス著
Eta Carinae and the supernova impostors Kris Davidson III-01||B||384
Coronal seismology : waves and oscillations in stellar coronae A.V. Stepanov III-21||S||3
Red giants as probes of the structure and evolution of the Milky Way Andrea Miglio III-30||M||13
Relativistic cosmology George F.R. Ellis III-45||E||4
Cosmochemistry Harry Y. McSween, Jr. III-45||M||17
Gravity's fatal attraction : black holes in the universe Mitchell Begelman III-46||B||1
Black holes : proceedings of the Space Telescope Science Institute Symposium, held in Baltimore, Maryland April 23-26, 2007 Mario Livio III-46||L||3
An introduction to statistical mechanics and thermodynamics Robert H. Swendsen II-21||S||1
Numerical relativity : solving Einstein's equations on the computer Thomas W. Baumgarte II-35||B||9
Basic space plasma physics Wolfgang Baumjohann II-40||B||7
High-energy nuclear optics of polarized particles Vladimir G. Baryshevsky II-51||B||7
Atoms in intense laser fields C.J. Joachain II-60||J||1
Theory of reflectance and emittance spectroscopy Bruce Hapke II-72||H||4
Rで学ぶベイズ統計学入門 J.アルバート著 ; 石田基広, 石田和枝訳 I-13||A||1
Rで学ぶデータサイエンス:ブートストラップ入門 汪金芳, 桜井裕仁 I-13||K||12
Rで学ぶデータサイエンス:地理空間データ分析 谷村晋 I-13||K||13
Rクックブック Paul Teetor著 ; 木下哲也訳 I-32||T||2
Advancing variable star astronomy : the centennial history of the American Association of Variable Star Observers Thomas R. Williams III-33||W||8
The molecular universe : proceedings of the 280th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Toledo, Spain, May 30th - June 3 2011 José Cernichardo III-01||Z||280
Tracing the ancestry of galaxies : (on the land of our ancestors) : Proceedings of the 227th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso, December 13-17, 2010 Claude Carignan III-01||Z||277
Annual review of fluid mechanics Stephen H. Davis II-01||F||44
Advanced space plasma physics Rudolf A. Treumann II-40||T||4
Astrophysical jets and beams Michael D. Smith III-35||S||8
Advanced gravitational wave detectors David G. Blair II-35||B||8
Plasma turbulence in the Solar System Yasuhito Narita II-41||N||2
Chemical evolution of galaxies Francesca Matteucci III-44||M||23
Observational astrophysics Pierre Léna III-60||L||1b
Exploring the solar system Peter Bond III-10||B||8
The physics of plasmas T.J.M. Boyd II-40||B||6
Mathematical methods for optical physics and engineering Gregory J. Gbur I-30||G||1
Polarized light Dennis H. Goldstein II-70||G||1
重力理論 : gravitation--古典力学から相対性理論まで, 時空の幾何学から宇宙の構造へ Charles W. Misner
 / 若野省己訳
The astronomy revolution : 400 years of exploring the cosmos Donald G. York III-03||Y||10
Using SI units in astronomy Richard Dodd III-04||D||3
Organic matter in the universe Sun Kwok III-84||K||1
A panchromatic view of galaxies Alessandro Boselli III-44||B||25
Relativistic jets from active galactic nuclei Markus Boettcher III-35||B||8
Cosmic update : dark puzzles. arrow of time. future history Fred Adams III-45||A||9
The spiral galaxy M33 Paul Hodge III-01||B||379
Hot interstellar matter in elliptical galaxies Dong-Woo Kim III-01||B||378
Star clusters in the era of large surveys : proceedings of Symposium 5 of JENAM 2010 André Moitinho III-30||M||12
Introduction to the anisotropic geometrodynamics Sergey Siparov II-10||S||1
Tutorials in complex photonic media Mikhail A. Noginov II-70||N||1
Alien vision : exploring the electromagnetic spectrum with imaging technology Austin Richards III-84||R||2
Gravitational lensing quasars Alexander Eigenbrod III-45||E||3
Statistical and thermal physics : an introduction Michael J.R. Hoch II-20||H||2
Statistical mechanics R.K. Pathria II-22||P||4
The astrophysics of planetary systems : formation, structure, and dynamical evolution : proceedings of the 276th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Torino, Italy, October 10-15, 2010 Alessandro Sozzetti III-01||Z||276
Progress in optics E. Wolf II-71||W||56
The manga guide to the universe (Manga de wakaru uchū) Kenji Ishikawa III-02||I||3a
L'eredità di Edoardo Amaldi nella scienza e nella società, Roma, 23-25,Ottobre 2008 = The Legacy of Edoardo Amaldi in Science and Society, Rome, 23-25 October 2008 F. Ferroni (editor) III-30||F||5