New Books (2013年度)

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Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 46 Stephen H. Davis II-01||F||46
Mathematical models and methods for plasma physics, volume 1 : fluid models Rémi Sentis II-40||S||9
Nature of prominences and their role in space weather : proceedings of the 300th symposium of the International Astronomical Union. held in Paris, France, June 10-16, 2013 Brigitte Schmieder III-01||Z||300
Accretion processes in astrophysics : XXI Canary Island winter school of astrophysics Ignacio González Martínez-País III-30||M||14
Asteroseismology : XXII Canary Island Winter School of Astrophysics Pere L. Pallé III-30||P||11
Statistics, data mining, and machine learning in astronomy: a practical python guide for the analysis of survey data Željko Ivezić III-42||I||1
The origin of the galaxy and local group : Saas-Fee advanced course 37 : Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy Joss Bland-Hawthorn III-44||B||27
宇宙流体力学の基礎 福江純 III-01||FA||1
マンガでわかる量子力学 : 日常の常識でははかりしれないミクロな世界の現象を解き明かす 福江純 III-02||F||27
宇宙の始まりと終わりはなぜ同じなのか ロジャー・ペンローズ 、竹内薫(訳) III-02||P||4
宇宙物理学(KEK物理学シリーズ) 小玉英雄 III-31||K||9
Mathematical methods for physicists : a comprehensive guide George B. Arfken I-30||A||1
Planetfall : new solar system visions Michael Benson III-11||B||11
Modern statistical methods for astronomy : with R applications Eric D. Feigelson III-42||F||1
Observational astronomy : techniques and instrumentation Edmund C. Sutton III-60||S||6
Observing the solar system : the modern astronomer's guide Gerald North III-10||N||2
Pulsar astronomy (4th ed) Andrew Lyne III-33||L||7
Relativistic astrophysics of the transient universe : gravitation, hydrodynamics and radiation Maurice H. P. M. Van Putten III-46||P||1
A student's guide to the mathematics of astronomy Daniel Fleisch III-04||F||6
Exploring the solar system : the history and science of planetary exploration Roger D. Launius III-10||L||3
From dust to life : the origin and evolution of our solar system John Chambers III-10||C||3
Hindsight and popular astronomy Alan B. Whiting III-02||W||2
Dynamics of magnetically trapped particles : foundations of the physics of radiation belts and space plasmas Juan G. Roederer III-01||B||403
Solar system astrophysics : Background science and the inner solar system Eugene F. Milone III-10||M||4a
Sources and detection of dark matter and dark energy in the universe : proceedings of the 10th UCLA Symposium on Sources and Detection of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe, February 22-24, 2012, Marina del Rey, California David Cline III-30||C||7
Setting the scene for Gaia and LAMOST : the current and next generations of surveys and models : proceedings of the 298th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Lijiang, China, May 20-24, 2013 Sofia Feltzing III-01||Z||298
Exploring the formation and evolution of planetary systems : proceedings of the 299th symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Victoria, Canada, June 2-7, 2013 Mark Booth III-01||Z||299
宇宙が始まる前には何があったのか? ローレンス・クラウス III-02||K||6
素粒子論はなぜわかりにくいのか : 場の考え方を理解する 吉田伸夫 II-53||Y||1
神の素粒子ヒッグス : 究極の方程式はどう創られたか? 小林富雄 II-53||K||3
銀河 : その構造と進化 スティーヴン・フィリップス III-44||P||9
Rotational structure in molecular infrared spectra Carlo di Lauro II-72||L||3
Laser-plasma interactions and applications Paul McKenna II-41||M||7
An introduction to cluster science Phuong Mai Dinh II-00||D||1
Rotating relativistic stars John L. Friedman III-46||F||5
Observational molecular astronomy : exploring the universe using molecular line emissions David A. Williams III-00||W||3
Magnetic stochasticity in magnetically confined fusion plasmas : chaos of field lines and charged particle dynamics Sadrilla Abdullaev II-41||A||2
Quantum black holes Xavier Calmet III-46||C||3
Astronomical measurement : a concise guide Andy Lawrence III-60||L||2
The theory of toroidally confined plasmas Roscoe B. White II-41||W||1
Dark matter and cosmic web story Jaan Einasto III-45||E||5
50 years of brown dwarfs : from prediction to discovery to forefront of research Viki Joergens III-01||B||401
Tools of radio astronomy Thomas L. Wilson III-70||RW||6
Astrophysical techniques C.R. Kitchin III-31||K||8
Numerical modeling of space plasma flows : ASTRONUM-2012 : proceedings of the 7th international conference held at Big Island, Hawaii, U.S.A, June 25-29, 2012 Nikolai V. Pogorelov III-01||ASP||474
Astronomical data analysis software and systems XXII : proceedings of a conference held at University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois, USA, 4-8 November 2012 Douglas N. Friedel III-01||ASP||475
Galaxy mergers in an evolving universe : proceedings of a conference held at Farglory Hotel, Hualien, Taiwan, 23-28 October 2011 Wei-Hsin Sun III-01||ASP||477
Planets, stars, and stellar systems. Vol. 1: Telescopes and instrumentation Ian S. McLean III-01||PSS||1
Planets, stars, and stellar systems. Vol. 2: Astronomical techniques, software, and data Howard E. Bond III-01||PSS||2
Planets, stars, and stellar systems. Vol. 3: Solar and stellar planetary systems Linda M. French III-01||PSS||3
Planets, stars, and stellar systems. Vol. 4: Stellar structure and evolution Martin A. Barstow III-01||PSS||4
Planets, stars, and stellar systems. Vol. 5: Galactic structure and stellar populations Gerard Gilmore III-01||PSS||5
Planets, stars, and stellar systems. Vol. 6: Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology William C. Keel III-01||PSS||6
A first course in probability Sheldon Ross I-13||R||2
Introduction to modeling convection in planets and stars : magnetic field, density stratification, rotation Gary A. Glatzmaier II-13||G||4
Elements of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics V. Balakrishnan II-22||B||7
Space weather and coronal mass ejections Tim Howard III-21||H||2
Numerical modelling of astrophysical turbulence Wolfram Schmidt III-30||S||14
Software systems for astronomy Albert R. Conrad III-90||C||2
3D宇宙大図鑑 : ARで手にとるようにわかる 縣秀彦 監修 III-02||A||11
Neutrino cosmology Julien Lesgourgues III-45||L||11
A student's guide to entropy Don S. Lemons II-20||L||1
Transport phenomena R. Byron Bird II-21||B||2d
Titan : exploring an earthlike world Athena Coustenis III-11||C||6
Secular evolution of galaxies Jesús Falcón-Barroso III-44||F||8
Magnetic processes in astrophysics : theory, simulations, experiments Gunther Rudiger III-30||R||2
Discovery and classification in astronomy : controversy and consensus Steven J. Dick III-00||D||3
The physics and evolution of active galactic nuclei Hagai Netzer III-44||N||2
Fundamental planetary science : physics, chemistry, and habitability Jack J. Lissauer III-11||L||1
Introduction to black hole astrophysics Gustavo E. Romero III-46||R||3
Transport processes in space physics and astrophysics Gary P. Zank III-30||Z||2
ヒッグス粒子 : 神の粒子の発見まで ジム・バゴット II-53||B||1
ヒッグス : 宇宙の最果ての粒子 ショーン・キャロル II-53||C||1
宇宙論大全 : 相対性理論から、ビッグバン、インフレーション、マルチバースへ ジョン・D・バロウ III-45||B||27
初級講座弦理論 基礎編・発展編 B. ツヴィーバッハ II-00||Z||2-1・2-2
完全独習現代の宇宙論 : 宇宙と天体の起源 福江純 III-45||F||6
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics, Vol. 51 S.M. Faber (editor) III-01||AR||51
Progress in optics, Vol. 58 E. Wolf II-71||W||58
Solar and astrophysical dynamos and magnetic activity : proceedings of the 294th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Beijing, China, August 27-31, 2012 Alexander G. Kosovichev III-01||Z||294
The intriguing life of massive galaxies : proceedings of the 295th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Beijing, China, August 27-31, 2012 Daniel Thomas III-01||Z||295
銀河と宇宙 John Gribbin著 ; 岡村定矩訳 III-02||G||2
宇宙物理学者がどうしても解きたい12の謎 スティーヴン・ウェッブ著 ; 松浦俊輔訳 III-02||W||1
スターゲイザー : アマチュア天体観測家が拓く宇宙 ティモシー・フェリス著 ; 桃井緑美子訳 III-02||F||26
思惟する天文学 : 宇宙の公案を解く 佐藤勝彦 III-02||S||13
宇宙探査機 : ルナ1号からはやぶさ2まで50年間の探査史 フィリップ・セゲラ著 ; 吉田恒雄訳 III-02||S||14
ワインバーグの宇宙論 下 : ゆらぎの形成と進化 S.ワインバーグ著 ; 小松英一郎訳 III-45||W||6a-2
Pattern recognition and classification : an introduction Geoff Dougherty I-13||D||4
An introduction to fluid mechanics Faith A. Morrison II-12||M||4
From Hamiltonian chaos to complex systems : a nonlinear physics approach Xavier Leoncini II-13||L||8
Nonequilibrium statistical physics Gerd Röpke II-22||R||1
Gravitation and spacetime Hans C. Ohanian II-35||O||2
Fundamental aspects of plasma chemical physics : transport Mario Capitelli II-40||C||5
Quantum Physics Florian Scheck II-61||S||5
Nuclei in the Cosmos Carlos Bertulani III-45||B||26
Writing scientific research articles : strategy and steps Margaret Cargill V-50||C||4
Statistical physics : an entropic approach Ian Ford II-22||F||3
Light scattering reviews 8 Alexander Kokhanovsky II-63||K||2
Planetary science : the science of planets around stars George H.A. Cole III-11||C||5
Astrophysics through computation : with Mathematica support Brian Koberlein III-30||K||9
Essential astrophysics Kenneth R. Lang III-30||L||11
Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics Ennio Arimondo II-01||B||62
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences Raymond Jeanloz IV-01||E||41
Electromagnetic radiation from pulsars and magnetars : proceedings of a conference held at University of Zielona Góra, Zielona Góra, Poland, 24-27 April 2012 Wojciech Lewandowski III-01||ASP||466
The 9th LISA symposium G. Auger III-01||ASP||467
18th European white dwarf workshop : proceedings of a conference held at the Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland, 13-17 August 2012 Jurek Krzesiński III-01||ASP||469
New quests in stellar astrophysics III : a panchromatic view of solar-like stars, with and without planets : proceedings of a International Conference held at Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, 12-16 March 2012 Miguel Chavez III-01||ASP||472
Statistical physics : an advanced approach with applications Josef Honerkamp II-22||H||2
Plasma physics for astrophysics Russell M. Kulsrud II-40||K||9
Astrophysics for physicists Arnab Rai Choudhuri III-30||C||6
An introduction to galaxies and cosmology Mark H. Jones III-31||J||6
Stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis Sean G. Ryan III-32||R||4
Cauldrons in the cosmos : nuclear astrophysics Claus E. Rolfs III-45||R||15
Astronomical applications of astrometry : Ten years of expoitation of the Hipparcos satellite data Michael Perryman III-60||P||4
Radiative processes in high energy astrophysics Gabriele Ghisellini III-71||G||7
Foundations of high-energy astrophysics Mario Vietri III-71||V||2
Introductory fluid mechanics for physicists and mathematicians G. J. Pert II-12||P||2
Encyclopedia of the history of astronomy and astrophysics David Leverington III-03||L||2
Dynamics and evolution of galactic nuclei David Merritt III-44||M||24
Night vision Michael Rowan-Robinson III-72||R||2
COSMOS 上下巻 カール・セーガン著 ; 木村繁訳 III-02||S||12-1, 12-2
ワインバーグの宇宙論 ; ビッグバン宇宙の進化 S.ワインバーグ著 ; 小松英一郎訳 III-45||W||6a-1
時間とは何か、空間とは何か : 数学者・物理学者・哲学者が語る A.コンヌ ; 伊藤雄二監訳 III-02||C||7
ブライアン・コックス宇宙への旅 : BBC科学ドキュメンタリーより ブライアン・コックス, アンドルー・コーエン著 III-02||C||8
ラプラスの天体力学論 第5巻 ピエール=シモン・ラプラス著 ; 竹下貞雄訳 III-50||LA1-5||学
宇宙探査機はるかなる旅路へ : 宇宙ミッションをいかに実現するか 山川宏 III-02||Y||4
Plasma formulary for physics, astronomy, and technology Declan A. Diver II-40||D||9
Astrophysics at very high energies Felix Aharonian III-71||A||7
Introduction to astronomical spectroscopy Immo Appenzeller III-90||A||2
Advancing the physics of cosmic distances : proceedings of the 289th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Beijing, China, August 27-31, 2012 Richard de Grijs III-01||Z||289
Feeding compact objects : accretion on all scales : proceedings of the 290th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Beijing, China, August 20-24, 2012 Chengmin Zhang III-01||Z||290
Neutron stars and pulsars : challenges and opportunities after 80 years : proceedings of the 291st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Beijing, China, 20-24 August 2012 Joeri van Leeuwen III-01||Z||291
Molecular gas, dust, and star formation in galaxies : proceedings of the 292nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Beijing, China, August 20-24, 2012 Tony Wong III-01||Z||292
The paraboloidal reflector antenna in radio astronomy and communication : theory and practice Jacob W. M. Baars III-01||B||348
Astrophysics from Antarctica : proceedings of the 288th symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Beijing, China, August 20-24, 2012 Michael G. Burton III-01||Z||288
Astrostatistical challenges for the new astronomy Joseph M. Hilbe III-42||H||1
Physical mathematics Kevin Cahill I-20||C||6
Computational photonics : an introduction with MATLAB Marek S. Wartak II-70||W||2
Four decades of research on massive stars : proceedings of a scientific meeting in honor of Anthony F.J. Moffat held at Auberge du Lac Taureau, St-Michel-des-Saints, Québec, Canada, 11-15 July 2011 Laurent Drissen III-01||ASP||465
Cosmic electrodynamics : electrodynamics and magnetic hydrodynamics of cosmic plasmas Gregory D. Fleishman III-01||B||388
Formation of the solar system : a new theory of the creation and decay of the celestial bodies V.I. Ferronsky III-10||F||2
Solar astrophysics Peter V. Foukal III-20||F||3
Tides in astronomy and astrophysics Jean Souchay III-30||S||13
Old stellar populations : how to study the fossil record of galaxy formation Santi Cassisi III-32||C||8
Astrophysics of the interstellar medium Walter J. Maciel III-34||M||7
Magnetoseismology : ground-based remote sensing of earth's magnetosphere Frederick W. Menk III-35||M||8
Black holes : new horizons Sean Alan Hayward III-46||H||2
Young Sun, early earth and the origins of life : lessons for astrobiology M. Gargaud III-84||G||3
ヒッグス粒子と素粒子の世界 : 宇宙をつくる究極の粒子を求めて 矢沢サイエンスオフィス II-53||YA||学
宇宙の科学 : Introduction to astrophysics 江里口良治 III-00||ER||学
宇宙科学入門 = Introduction to astronomy 尾崎洋二 III-00||OZ||学
小惑星探査機「はやぶさ」の超技術 : プロジェクト立ち上げから帰還までの全記録 川口淳一郎 監修 III-02||KA3||学
東京大学マグナム望遠鏡物語 吉井讓 III-02||YO||学
太陽系の果てを探る : 第十番惑星は存在するか 渡部潤一 III-10||WA||学
観測的宇宙論 池内了 III-45||IK||学
現代宇宙論 : 時空と物質の共進化 松原隆彦 III-45||MA||学
明解量子宇宙論入門 吉田伸夫 III-45||YO||学
Hinode-3 : the 3rd Hinode Science Meeting T. Sekii III-01||ASP||454
4th Hinode Science Meeting : unsolved problems and recent insights : proceedings of a conference held at Mondello, Palermo, Italy, 11-15 October 2010 Luis R. Bellot Rubio III-01||ASP||455
Galactic archaeology : near-field cosmology and the formation of the milky way Wako Aoki III-01||ASP||458
AGN winds in Charleston : proceedings of a conference held at the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, USA,14-21 October 2011 George Chartas III-01||ASP||460
Celestial dynamics : chaoticity and dynamics of celestial systems Rudolf Dvorak III-50||D||7
Introduction to plasma dynamics A.I. Morozov II-40||M||3
Celestial messengers : cosmic rays : the story of a scientific adventure Mario Bertolotti III-71||B||9
Fast solar sailing : astrodynamics of special sailcraft trajectories Giovanni Vulpetti III-81||V||2
Mathematical optics : classical, quantum, and computational methods Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan III-92||L||3
Knots and physics Louis H. Kauffman II-00||K||4
Annual review of fluid mechanics, Vol. 45, 2013 Stephen H. Davis II-01||F||45
The general theory of relativity : a mathematical exposition Anadijiban Das II-35||D||7
Laboratory experiments in physics for modern astronomy : with comprehensive development of the physical principles Leslie M. Golden III-00||G||3
Binary paths to Type Ia supernovae explosions : proceedings of the 281st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Padova, Italy, July 4-8, 2011 Rosanne Di Stefano III-01||Z||281
Solar system dynamics Carl D. Murray III-10||M||5
Climate and weather of the Sun-Earth system (CAWSES) : highlights from a priority program Franz-Josef Lübken III-22||L||1
Theoretical astrophysics : an introduction Matthias Bartelmann III-31||B||18
On the formation of the most massive stars in the galaxy Roberto J. Galván-Madrid III-34||G||9
An introduction to the evolution of single and binary stars Matthew Benacquista III-41||B||3
Astrostatistics and data mining Luis Manuel Sarro III-42||S||2
The first galaxies in the universe Abraham Loeb III-44||L||8
Black holes, cosmology and extra dimensions Kirill A. Bronnikov III-46||B||2
From ultra rays to astroparticles : a historical introduction to astroparticle physics Brigitte Falkenburg III-71||F||5
Life on earth and other planetary bodies Arnold Hanslmeier III-84||H||2
Mathematical SETI : statistics, signal processing, space missions Claudio Maccone III-84||M||3
Astrochemistry and astrobiology Ian W. M. Smith III-84||S||2
データ解析のための統計モデリング入門 : 一般化線形モデル・階層ベイズモデル・MCMC 久保拓弥 I-13||KJ||2
Rグラフィックス : Rで思いどおりのグラフを作図するために Paul Murrell 著 ; 久保拓弥 訳 I-13||P||2
新・宇宙を解く : 現代天文学演習 横尾武夫 III-00||Y||2a
どうして宇宙酔いは起きる? : 感覚する脳の混乱と適応 森滋夫 III-02||MO||学
コペルニクス・天球回転論 高橋憲一 訳・解説 III-02||TA||学
宇宙 渡部潤一 監修 III-02||WA||学
太陽系探検ガイド : エクストリームな50の場所 デイヴィッド・ベイカー 著 ; 後藤真理子 訳 III-10||DA||学
もう一つの地球が見つかる日 : 系外惑星探査の最前線 レイ・ジャヤワルダナ 著 ; 阪本芳久 訳 III-11||JA||学
人類の夢を育む天体「月」 : 月探査機かぐやの成果に立ちて 長谷部信行, 桜井邦朋 編 III-12||HA||学
太陽黒点と気候・社会変動 住田紘 III-20||SU||学
ナイトウォッチ : 天体観測実践ガイド テレンス・ディキンソン 著 ; 後藤真理子 訳 III-60||DI||学
Gravity, a geometrical course : Vol. 1 Development of the theory and basic physical applications Pietro Giuseppe Fré II-00||F||3
Gravity, a geometrical course : Vol. 2 Black holes, cosmology and introduction to supergravity Pietro Giuseppe Fré II-00||F||4
Turbulent transport in magnetized plasmas Wendell Horton II-40||H||5
The first galaxies : theoretical predictions and observational clues Tommy Wiklind III-01||B||396
Dark matter, neutrinos, and our solar system Nirmala Prakash III-10||P||5
The international atlas of Mars exploration : the first five decades Philip Stooke III-11||S||10
Studying stellar rotation and convection : theoretical background and seismic diagnostics Mariejo Goupil III-30||G||8
Stellar structure and evolution Rudolf Kippenhahn III-32||K||6a
Solar and Stellar Dynamos Paul Charbonneau III-35||C||7
Stellar evolution physics : Physical processes in stellar interiors Icko Iben III-40||I||1-1
Stellar evolution physics : Advanced evolution of single stars Icko Iben III-40||I||1-2
Astrometry for astrophysics : methods, models, and applications William F. van Altena III-60||A||60
Gamma-ray bursts Chryssa Kouveliotou III-71||K||6
Frontiers of astrobiology Chris Impey III-84||I||1
Introduction to aberrations in optical imaging systems José Sasián III-92||S||5
How to prepare a scientific doctoral dissertation based on research articles Björn Gustavii V-50||G||1
とてつもない宇宙 : 宇宙で最も大きい・熱い・重い天体とは何か? ブライアン・ゲンスラー著 ; 松浦俊輔訳 III-02||GA||学
ラプラスの天体力学論 第4巻 ピエール=シモン・ラプラス著 ; 竹下貞雄訳 III-50||LA 1-4||学
Astronomical data analysis software and systems XXI : proceedings of a conference held at Marriott Rive Gauche Conference Center, Paris, France, 6-10 November 2011 Pascal Ballester III-01||ASP||461
Progress in solar/stellar physics with helio- and asteroseismology : proceedings of a Fujihara Seminar held at Hakone, Japan, in 13-17 March 2011 Hiromoto Shibahashi III-01||ASP||462
The second ATST-EAST meeting : magnetic fields from the photosphere to the corona T.R. Rimmele III-01||ASP||463
Circumstellar dynamics at high resolution : proceedings of a joint ESO/Brazilian workshop held at Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, 27 February-2 March 2012 A.C. Carciofi III-01||ASP||464