Wednesday Seminar

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In this seminar we present our recent research and introduce papers on stellar and solar physics, and plasma astrophysics.

Schedule (2nd semester, 2012)

DateSpeakerTitle and Abstract
Oct. 3Honda 「リチウムの問題とフレア星」、として現在問題になっている 低金属星でのリチウム組成がBigBang元素合成モデルと一致しない問題と、 フレア星の観測でリチウムが検出された(?)という論文を紹介するつもりです。
「Li problem and flare stars」
I'm going to talk about "Li problem" and detections of Li line in flare stars.
Li I enhancement during a long-duration stellar flare
Montes & Ramsey 1998 A&A letter
Oct. 10Shidatsu In the next Wednesday I would like to introduce the following paper:
"The Truncated Disk from Suzaku Data of GX 339-4 in the Extreme Very High State" (Tamura et al. 2012, ApJ, 753, 65).

"The Truncated Disk from Suzaku Data of GX 339-4 in the Extreme Very High State"
Tamura et al. 2012, ApJ, 753, 65
を紹介する予定です。アウトバースト中の高光度の状態のブラックホール X 線連星に対する最新の解析結果です。
Oct. 17Ohkubo Exploring the α-enhancement of metal-poor planet-hosting stars. The Keplar + Harps samples (Resaech Note)
です。地球型惑星を持つ星は金属量がそれほど多くない星で見つかり、 α元素に汚染されている。
Oct. 24Hiroi I would like to review the following paper:
"The high-redshift (z>3) AGN population in the 4 Ms Chandra Deep Field South" by Vito et al."
Vito, F., Vignali, C., Gilli, R., et al. 2012, arXiv:1209.4193.

It reports the cosmological evolution of AGNs (space density, obscured fraction) on the basis of the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS) survey.
Oct. 31Recess
Workshop on stellar super flare

Nov. 7Tazaki I will report our study of radio-loud AGNs with X-ray observations in the next seminar. This is "mid-term report" for PhD. Sorry for the talk in Japanese.

Title: X-Ray Study of Nuclear Structure of Radio-Loud Active Galactic Nuclei
Nov. 14Zemko

Nov. 21Nogami The title of my talk at the next Wednesday seminar on Nov. 21 is:
On the Evolution of Cataclysmic Variable Stars
I will first review the standard scenario of CVs, and introduce some recent researches challenging this.
Nov. 28Nagao In the next seminar (28th Nov.), I would present our recent achievements and activities on the galaxy chemical evolution.
title: FIR-submm metallicity diagnostcs with fine-structure emission lines
Maiolino, Nagao, Grazian, Cocchia, et al. A&A, 488, 463 (2008) “The evolution of the mass-metallicity relation at z>3”
Nagao, Maiolino, Marconi, and Matsuhara, A&A, 526, A149 (2011) “Metallicity diagnostics with infrared fine-structure lines”
Nagao, Maiolino, De Breuck, Caseli, et al. A&A, 542, L34 (2012) “ALMA reveals a chemically evolved SMG at z=4.76”
Dec. 5Ikeda In the next seminar (5th Dec.), I would like to introduce the following paper: "The Small-Scale Environment of Quasars"
Serber et al., 2006, ApJ, 643, 68
Dec. 12Sato In the next seminar (12th Dec.), I would like to talk about the power spectrum density (PSD) of AGN. PSD analysis is major method to investigate the variability of AGN. I will introduce a review paper and recent researches.
Gonzalez-Martin & Vaughan, 2012, A&A, 544, 80
"X-ray variability of 104 active galactic nuclei. XMM-Newton power-spectrum density profiles"
McHardy, I., 2010, Lecture Notes in Physics, Berlin Springer Verlag, 794, 203
"X-Ray Variability of AGN and Relationship to Galactic Black Hole Binary Systems"
Dec. 19Yamanaka In the next seminar (19th Dec.), I would like to introduce the observational study of peculiar SNe Ia. This class is known to deviate from the width-luminosity relation of Type Ia SNe.

I first introduce the following paper:
Foley et al., 2012, ArXiv e-prints, 1212.2209v1

Then, I may report the our observational results of another object observed by OISTER.
Jan 9Ueda The title of my tomorrow's talk will be:

Highlights from the torus workshop 2012

I will mainly introduce results on infrared interferometory of AGN tori.
Jan. 16Ohshima 明日は、Otulakowska-Hypka et al.の"IX Draconis - a curious ER UMa-type dwarf nova"をベースに、近年のER UMa型矮新星の動向について話す予定です。
Jan. 23Recess
Special Lecture by Dr. Kaneda (Nagoya Univ.)

Jan. 30Hayashida The title of my talk in this Wednesday will be:
``Gamma-ray emission from galaxies''
The talk will be based on
-Ackermann et al.(2012), ApJ, 755, 164 "GeV Observations of Star-forming Galaxies with the Fermi Large Area Telescope"
-Ackermann et al.(2012), ApJ, 747, 104 "Search for Gamma-ray Emission from X-Ray-selected Seyfert Galaxies with Fermi-LAT"
Also, I will include some general introductions of the cosmic-ray and gamma-ray physics.
Feb. 6Ricci The title of my talk this Wednesday will be:

"Probing the evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei using the Iron Kalpha" line

I will first review the recent developments in our understanding of the unification of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), and then present you some recent work I have been doing on this subject. My talk will be mostly based on recent X-ray and IR studies of AGN, with a particular attention to the features generated by reflection of the X-ray emission by circumnuclear material, and to their evolution. I will also shortly discuss how much the advent of the new generation X-ray telescope ASTRO-H will improve our understanding of AGN.

Some of the papers I will present you on this fascinating subject are

Shu et al. (2010)

Shu et al. (2011)

Shu et al. (2012)

Burlon et al. (2011)…58B

Elitzur (2012)
Feb. 13Recess
GCOE symposium

Feb. 20Kawamuro I would like to reports our work and review the following paper: "FITTING LINER NUCLEI WITHIN AGN FAMILY: A MATTER OF OBSCURATION ?" The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 704, Issue 2, pp. 1570-1585 (2009).
This paper reports the studies of the nuclear obscuration in LINERs and the raletion between the LINERs and the other types of AGN.
Feb. 27Sasada I will talk about an analysis of time variation of a blazar. A title of my presentation is
"Time Variability Analysis of Blazars".

My presentation is based on these papers;
Abdo et al. (2010); ApJ 722, 520
"Long-term variability of the low-luminosity active galactic nucleus of M81"
Iyomoto et al. (2001); MNRAS 321, 767, etc.
I prepare a presentation in English, but I will speak in Japanese, sorry.

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