Thu. 29 Aug. 11:44 JST 2013

It is our pleasure to announce that we are organizing a workshop entitled "East-Asia AGN Workshop 2013" on 20th-23rd August 2013 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. This is the second opportunity for East Asian collaborations in the AGN field. The first workshop, held in September 2012 at Jeju island, South Korea, was very successful with ~ 40 participants from China, Korea, and Japan. The workshop provided a stimulating forum for presenting and discussing new results and ideas on various topics related to AGN research, ranging from black holes, AGN physics, evolution, to AGN surveys, etc.

This series of meetings is aimed at fostering close collaborations among AGN researchers in East Asian countries. Thanks to the short distances between countries in East Asia among these countries, there are promising possibilities of fruitful collaborations. Fostering these collaborative activities at the current stage is extremely important as we enter the era of large international projects, including TMT and GMT. Based on feedback from the participants of the previous Jeju workshop, this workshop will put special emphasis on initiating collaborative work. For this purpose, this workshop consists of a "conference" part in the 1st half and a "working time" part in the 2nd half. Note that you do not have to attend both parts; you can attend only the 1st part, or only the 2nd part, or both, depending on your interests and schedule. We will limit the number of participants to ~ 50 to ensure close interaction among participants. Further details will be announced in the 2nd circular that will be distributed later.

The conference will be held in the center of Sapporo, the biggest city on the Hokkaido island in Japan. As you may know, the high summer temperatures and humidity in Japan are somewhat tough to endure --- except for Hokkaido. Hokkaido is a nice comfortable urban city, and many tourists visit Sapporo to enjoy the cooler climate of Hokkaido.


Conference Photos:

Click on this photo to get a high-resolution version. You can also find photos as a tar file here. Furthermore, Aoki-san offered us photos. Thank you Aoki-san!

Science Organizing Committee (SOC):

  • Nobunari Kashikawa (NAOJ)
  • Nozomu Kawakatsu (Kure National College of Technology)
  • Tohru Nagao (Kyoto University)
  • Jong-Hak Woo (Seoul National University)
  • Weimin Yuan (NAOC)

Local Organizing Committee (LOC):

  • Kenta Matsuoka (Seoul National University)
  • Tohru Nagao (Chair, Kyoto University)
  • Kazuyuki Ogura (Osaka Kyoiku University)
  • Jaejin Shin (Seoul National University)
  • Alexander Wagner (University of Tsukuba)


  • Tohru Nagao (LOC chair,


Tue. 12 Mar. 12:32 JST 2013

  • Registration Deadline: 31 May 2013
  • Opening the Conference: 20 August 2013