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NAGATA, Tetsuya
Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8502 JAPAN
Nagata at 1.2 micron
My 1.2 micron image
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3.8m Telescope CG
3.8m Telescope
Construction of 3.8-m telescope at Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, Japan

Page by Dr Iwamuro

1.4m Telescope at Nishimura Co.
1.4m Telescope
at Nishimura Factory
Construction of 1.4-m telescope at SAAO, South Africa

Dome construction at SAAO(2000.4.)

10 years of Infrared Survey Facility and the future (16-18 November 2010, Nagoya, Japan)


In the Nuclear Bulge, we discovered three classical Cepheid variable stars,
whose ages can be derived accurately from their pulsation periods.

GC IR image Paper: Three classical Cepheid variable stars in the nuclear bulge of the Milky Way
Figure Caption: JHK image of the Galactic center and two of the discovered Cepeids
Kyoto University Research Highlight Page

We found "Object #17 Cluster" alias Arches Cluster near the Galactic center,
which has numerous emission stars and resembles the Central Parsec Cluster.

Obj17 JHK image Paper: Object 17: Another cluster of emission-line stars near the Galactic center

Figure Caption: Object 17 (Wavelength: 1.2, 1.6, 2.2microns, about 20 arcsec region)
Larger Image

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