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Disk Instabilities in Close Binary Systems

S. Mineshige & J. C. Wheeler (eds) (1999, Universal Academy Press)

Proceedings of the Disk-Instability Workshop held at Kyoto during October 27-30, 1998.

Twenty-five years have passed since Prof. Yoji Osaki proposed a model for outbursts of dwarf novae. His model is now widely known as the disk-instability model and has also been applied to neutron-star and black-hole systems. The contribution of the disk-instability model to the time-dependent study of accretion disks is enormous, since this is the first and probably only model which can be directly compared with the observations in detail. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, to overview its contribution to the current understanding of accretion disks, and to provide insight into important unsolved problems, we planned a workshop on disk instabilies.

A broad range of topics is included. Reviews cover theory of the thermal and tidal disk instabilities, multiwavelength observations of disks suffering instabilities, the techniques of eclipse mapping and Doppler tomography, disk evaporation and resultant advection-dominated (coronal) flows, and disk irradiation. Extensive discussion is also presented of the comparison of accretion disks in various astrophysical situations, e.g., cataclysmic variables, X-ray binaries and active galactic nuclei. This material is suitable not only for established researchers in the field, but also for advanced undergraduates, beginning postgraduates, and researchers in different fields.

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