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Sutherland, South African Astronomical Observatory


IRSF Observing Rota 2015-2017

1st four-months(Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr 2017)

1st four-months(Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr 2016)
2nd four-months(May, Jun, Jul, Aug 2016)
3rd four-months(Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 2016)

1st Quarter(Jan, Feb, Mar 2015)
2nd Quarter(Apr, May, Jun 2015)
3rd Quarter(Jul, Aug, Sep 2015)
4th Quarter(Oct, Nov, Dec 2015)

To Sutherland Telescope Rota (including IRSF)

2002-2014 rota

This page provides links to the master copy of the IRSF observing rota.

The observing rota for Sutherland is compiled every quarter. Remember to check this schedule for possible changes which may affect your observing run.

Change Request: If you want to make changes to your observing request, contact us.

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