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For NAO's Public Day
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 Highlights of Subaru Scientific Achievements (Exsamples) 

1. Faint Galaxy's Contribution to Extragalactic Background Light 
  (Based on Infrared Observations of Subaru Deep Field)

1) EBL Text

2) Subaru Deep Field and Cosmic Background Radiation

3) Subaru Deep Field

2. Ongoing Star Formation : from Brown Dwarfs and Massive Stars

1) Ongoing Process of Star Formation

2) The S106 Vivid Image

3) Revealed population of New-born Stars

  Recent Subaru Operation Schedule :  

 --->> see the pdf-file="Summit.pdf"

Report. "First Observing Results of SUBARU" Jan.14, 2000

Manuscript "Preliminary SDF paper" May 2, 2000

Material related to Chandra Proposal prepared by Awaki.
May 26, 2000