VSNET Administrators' Schedule

  daily schedule of the VSNET manager group

  0h         4          8         12         16         18         24h JST

   observation ------>                            <---- observation
   network management                   filling LN2 to CCD
                   data reduction             preparation
                   reporting to VSNET         for observation
   paper writing              responding to e-mails
                                                   data reduction

                          Give us more sleep!!

What were after HT Cas observations at Ouda Station .. a typical sistuation

[Observer A at 7:00 am] Hoo! What successful observations! What will we know from these 1100 CCD frames .. how thrilling to see! First must back-up the data to the MO-disk .. what a slow media ...

[Observer A at 8:00 am] (Just finished data transfer) Now, we can try full reduction. Yes, you have only to enter the command 'ftpred'. Then the system ftp the data to this disk, and complete fully automatic reduction. We may see the final light curve in 30 min or so. Let's take some meal (ah! hunger..) in the meantime.

[Observer B at 8:30 am] (Returnning to the computer) Alas. the system is dead ... what's happened ... oh! there is no data on the disk ... Alas! Try the command again .. and wait another 30 min. How sleepy.. (This was repeated twice (;_;))

[Observer A] Oh! The PC/TCP program fails in expanding the directory containing too many files. Ah, we must copy by hands... tired... but (copying more than 1100 files manually).. finished. Too tired and sleepy -- I'll give up and go to the sofa. Good night.

[Observer B] Run the program! Running well! Now we can first get a light curve by aperture photomretry, then by more elaborated PSF photometry, both automatically. OK, the object seems to be well detected!

[Observer B at 9:30] Alas, the PSF photometry failed (;_;) .. no files output ... what's happened? Images seem to be good. Try another parameter manually.. ah still don't work .. why? My brain is already dead (;_;)...

"Don't sleep. Otherwise you will never get up again ..."

(This was an actual story of the longest night of the Ouda Station.)

People sometimes call me 'Napoleon'.

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