Outburst of EX Lup

(vsnet-alert 446, Jan Hers)

Danie Overbeek (Edenvale, South Africa) has reported the brightening of EX LUPI as follows:

EX LUPI    JD 251.250    13.7
              252.231    13.4
              253.247    12.7

Jan Hers, Sedgefield, South Africa.

EX Lup is the prototype of EX Lup-type stars (EXors) which are pre-main sequence stars irregularly exhibiting small outbursts. They are believed to be closely related to FU Ori-type variables. Similar objects: V1143 Ori (Sugano's object), V1118 Ori, UZ Tau

  155943 -4010.2 (1950.0) LUPEX IN 8.5 14.3 V

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