optical outburst of CB34V (from AJ)

(vsnet 1011)

In the recent issue of Astronomical Journal (113, 1395), J. Alves et al. report on the discovery of an optical outburst of the pre-main sequence star CB34V. The object rose from 20.5 (POSS B) or 18.0 (POSS E) in 1951 to V=15.43 or I=13.28 in 1996 Feb. The authors of the paper suggest that the outburst is either a high accretion episode (as in FU Ori stars) or time-variable extinction due to the motions of the non-uniform circumstellar envelope. Although the authors favored the latter explanation, they concluded that the object could not fit any of the known type of pre-main sequence variability.

     CB34V is located at:

    05h 47m 03s.8  (J2000.0)
    +21o 00' 35"

Being sufficiently bright in I, this object would be a good target for CCD long-term monitoring.

Taichi Kato

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