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Domestic WWW Servers

Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University (our pages)
Department of Physics, Kyoto University
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
National Astronomical Observatory, Japan (Mitaka)
Astronomical Data Center, NAO Japan (Mitaka)
Astronomical Society of Japan
Publication of Astronomical Society of Japan (PASJ) ( Abstracts On-line)
The 23rd IAU General Assembly (IAU 1997 Kyoto)
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
ISAS Astronomy Group
ASCA's Page (ISAS)
Department of Astronomy, University of Tokyo
Astronomical Institute at Osaka Kyoiku University [English] [Japanese]

Foreign WWW Servers

Variable star organizations, groups

AFOEV (ftp-archive)
HAA's Variable Star Section
HAA VSS (ftp-archive)
The Astronomer Group
the German Workgroup for Variable Stars (BAV)
RASNZ (Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand)
the Brussels Free University - Astronomy Group
Grup d'Estudis Astronomics [English]
The Spanish Variable Star Observers Association (AVE)
Grupo Canario de Estellas Variables (GCEV, Spanish)
Agrupacion Astronomica de Tenerife (Spanish)
Grupo de Variables y Supernovas M 1 (Spanish)
Grupo de Variables y Supernovas M 1 (New)
The Astronomical Society of South Australia
SAAF Variabelsektionen (Sweden)
Liga Ibero-Americana de Astronomia (LIADA)
Argentina Variable Star Section
Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Weeren Sterrenkunde, Werkgroep Veranderlijk Sterren (NVVWS, WVS)
Unione Astrofili Italiani (UAI)
Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde, Werkgroep Veranderlijke Sterren (VVS, WVS)
Warren Astronomical Society's Variable Star Observers
The Amateur Sky Survey (TASS) [moved]
TASS new variables page
Klaus Bernhard's new variable stars page
The International TOAD Watch (ITW)
Center for Backyard Astrophysics (CBA) [anonymous ftp]
CBA West
The Whole Earth Telescope (WET)
All Sky Patrol Astrophysics (Sonneberg)
Group of AMateur Astronomers (GAMA)
MEDUZA group
Gruppo Argo Navis (Brazil)
REA Observational Astronomy Network/Brasil
Regulus: Amateur Astronomy Newsletter
List of Supernovae in NGC and IC galaxies (D. Bishop)
Prosperi's Galaxies Page

IAU Commission 27 (variable stars) Home Page
IAU Commission 42 (close binary stars) Home Page

Astronomical facilities (mainly variable star-related)

Nova Server (NOVAWEB)
ASU's Nova Group
Sky and Telescope
Keele University
Indiana University (RoboScope)
University of Iowa Automated Telescope Facility
BAIT Automated Imaging Telescope
Max-Planck-Institut fur Astrophysik
MACHO Home Page
Univ. of Washington, MACHO page
The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE)
MOA Transient Alert Page
Anglo-Asutralian Observatory
University of Goettingen
Sternberg Astronomical Institute
University of St. Andrews Astronomy Group
Texas University SNe Research
Distant Supernova Search
Stockholm Supernova Page
Supernova Nexus Home Page
Stellar Astrophysics at Penn State University
Astronomy and Astrophysics at Columbia University
Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory
South African Astronomical Observatory
University of Wisconsin Space Astronomy Laboratory
Astronomical Institute at Utrecht University
Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova
Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment
MISAO Project page
ASAS Variable Star Survey
STARE Project
Wise Observatory

Observations from Space

NASA Astro-2 Mission
ROSAT Home Page
XTE Mission
ALEXIS Home Page
ISO Home Page
The Johns Hopkins University (HUT)
The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)
IUE Data Analysis Center Home Page
Hipparcos Project Home Page
BATSE Home Page
BATSE Earth Occultation Monitor Preliminary LIGHT CURVES
RXTE light curves
RXTE light curves

Special Topics and Personal pages

Cataclysmic Variables Home Page (Vanmunster)
International Supernova Network (Villi)
SNEWS: SuperNova Early Warning System
Intermediate Polar Home Page (Mukai)
The X-ray binaries page
Be stars
The RANDOM VARIABLE page (Lloyd)
Eclipsing Binary Home Page
Stardial Page
AGN Home Page
The Whole Earth Blazar (WEB) Telescope Page
The Blazar Times
Blazar Data
Other Quasar Variability Monitoring Programs (Balonek)
The GRB Coordinates Network (GCN)

Links to VSOLJ members' pages
Jochen Pietz's Home Page
Bjorn H. Granslo's Home Page
Gary Poyner's Page
Gene Hanson's Page
Steve B. Howell's Home Page
Frederick A. Ringwald's Home Page [moved]
Tom Marsh's Home Page
Richmond's Home Page
Jost Jahn's Home Page
Rudolf Novak's Page
Dalibor Hanzl's Page
Stig Linander's Page
Bill Dillon's Home Page!
Gaghik Tovmassian's Page
Andy Silber's Page
Boris Gaensicke's Page
Mike Boschat's Astronomy Page
Dave Harvey's Page
Timothy Abbott's Page
Carole Haswell's Page
Martin Still's Page
Alon Retter's Page
Coel Hellier's Page
Leos Ondra's Page
Gianluca Masi's Page
Salvo Massaro's Observatorio OMEGA
Maciej Reszelski Homepage
Alfredo Pereiera's Comet Observer's Page
Bert Dekker's Visual Deep Sky Pages
Enrico Prosperi's Page (old)
Enrico Prosperi's Page (new)
Salvo Massaro's Page
Peter Kahabka's page

Utilities, information services

IAU Circulars On-line
IAU Web CS Page
The Astronomer's Telegram page
Information Bulletin on Variable Stars (IBVS)
The Astrophysical Journal
The Astronomical Journal
Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstract Service
Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS)
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
New Astronomy [European] [USA]
IAUCs More Than One Year Old
SISSA preprint server
ADS Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstract Service [Mirror in Japan]

Goddard Skyview utility
USNO PMM Pixel Server
NASA HEASARC On-line Service
NASA The Astrophysical Data Facility (including ASCA)
STScI Catalogs and Surveys Branch
Universe Today (Space news from around the Internet, updated every weekday)
ADS Catalogs Access
Twin Astrographic Catalog (TAC)
USNO Precision Measuring Machine
Jean-Claude Mermilliod's Lausanne Photometric Database
General Catalogue of Variable Stars (at SAI)
McMaster Cepheid Photometry and Radial Velocity Archive
ROSAT Bright Source Catalogue
Bibliography and Program Notes on Close Binaries
Crakow Observatory Eclipsing Binaries Minima Database
University of Sussex, High Mass X-ray Binary Database
Archival LMC and SMC Photometry from Harvard College Observatory
Landolt standard stars
International Astronomy Meetings List
The Catalog and Atlas of Cataclysmic Variables, Living Edition
Ritter's CV Catalogues, 6-th edition
The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of optical identifications
CBAT astroid position checker for SN hunters
ESO/ST-ECF USNO-A1.0 Catalogue Server
SIMBAD PMM USNO-A1.0 Search Page
2MASS Survey Atlas
Star Catalog Viewer by S. Yoshida
VS IDs from vsnet postings
Designations of Astronomical Catalogs

Search engines

Lycos search
HotBot search
GOO (Japanese)

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