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XTE J2123-058

A. Levine (MIT), J. Swank and E. Smith (GSFC) report on behalf of the RXTE ASM and PCA teams at MIT and NASA GSFC:

A transient X-ray source has been detected with the RXTE/ASM at a position: R.A. = 320.78 d, Dec. = -5.82 d (J2000) corresponding to l = 46.4 d, b = -36.2 d. The position uncertainty is about 10 arcmin along an axis with position angle 20 deg. (i.e., NE-SW) and about 5 arcmin in the perpendicular direction (90% confidence) The flux was measured to be ~100 mCrab (2 - 12 keV) in each of 5 measurements on 1998 June 27 - 28.

The strength of the source has been confirmed with PCA observations June 27.95 in which the count rate varied from 600 to 1000 cts/s. Additional PCA observations, including a determination of the source location, will be undertaken.

The appearance of a new transient X-ray source at high galactic latitude is unusual; we urge observers to carry out additional observations at all wavelengths.

Charts using GSC, USNO A1.0

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