New Soft X-ray Transient, XTEJ 1755-324

(vsnet-alert 1086)

New Soft X-ray Transient, XTEJ 1755-324

R. Remillard & A. Levine (MIT), J. Swank, and T. Strohmayer (GSFC) for the RXTE ASM Team at MIT and GSFC.

The All Sky Monitor of the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer has detected a new X-ray source with a tentative position (J2000): 17h 55m 26s, -32 28.8' (uncertainty 0.1 degrees). The source was first detected late on 1997 July 25 (UT). By 1997 July 28 the flux had increased to 170 mCrab (2-12 keV). The X-ray spectrum is substantially steeper than that of the Crab nebula.

The RXTE PCA conducted a brief observation early on 1997 July 29. PCA scans over the source refine the position to (J2000) 17h 55m 28.6s, -32 28' 39" (uncertainty 1'). The spectrum appears complex, roughly consistent with a 0.7 keV disk black body combined with a hard component that extends above 10 keV. The flux is 2.9e-9 erg per square cm per s at 2-20 keV. The interstellar column density appears to be substantially less than 1.0e22 atoms per square cm.

Optical and radio observations are strongly encouraged.

CCD images of the field

(taken at Ouda Station)

V-band image on July 31

I-band image on July 31

V-band image on August 2

I-band image on August 2

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