XTE J0421+560

(vsnet-alert 1616)

Bright X-ray Transient, XTEJ0421+560

D. Smith and R. Remillard (M.I.T.), Jean Swank, T. Takeshima, and E. Smith (NASA / GSFC) report:

The RXTE All-Sky Monitor has detected a bright and rapidly rising X-ray transient, which we designate XTE J0421+560. The best fit position is at R.A. = 04h21.0m and Dec. = +56 03.5' (equinox 2000.0), with an error radius (90% confidence) of 4'. The ASM count rate (2-12 keV) was below 40 mCrab (at 3 sigma) on March 31.36, rising rapidly thereafter to 139 mCrab (March 31.64), 504 (31.77), and 1880 (April 1.04). An RXTE PCA observation, which began on April 1.08, confirms the presence of a new source with a flux near 2 Crab. The ASM spectrum appears very hard, but the PCA light curve shows no obvious pulsations at periods longer than 0.25 s. Observations at other wavelengths are urgently needed.

Field of XTE J0421+560 from GSC, USNO A1.0

Close-up chart:

V-magnitude calculated from USNO A1.0 by using V=r+0.375(b-r):

Identical with CI Cam!!

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