New activity phase of V694 Mon = MWC 560

activity of V694 Mon = MWC 560

According to IAUC No. 6482, L. Georgiev reports that the symbiotic variable V694 Mon = MWC 560 is again exhibiting jet activity (velocity up to 3400 km/s). Available (rather few) photometric observations of the last year seem to show rather irregular, but apparently "high-state" variation. No visual observations of this season have been reported yet.

   YYMMDD(UT)   mag  code
   951104.796   106  Wnt
   951202.760   106  Wnt
   951214.017   102  JEN
   960113.735   115  Wnt
   960211.612   108  Wnt
   960402.521   104  Has
   960405.508   105  Has
   960421.810   105  FID

Observations of this relatively bright "newcomer" to the cataclysmic world are highly encouraged. A V-band chart can be obtained from the VSNET Home Page/VSNET anonymous ftp, chart section.

Taichi Kato


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