Help wanted. archive plates of AS 360 = QW Sge

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Together with other professionals mainly from USA and Russia, we are trying to recover historical lightcurves of symbiotic stars from archive plate spectra. The 1890-1996 one for YY Her is in press in Astron.Astrophys. One of the objects we are working on is AS 360 = QW Sge.

       RA (1950) =  19 43 36.7        (2000) =  19 45 49.3
      DEC (1950) = +18 29 23                   +18 36 45

The object in quiescence is recorded at B (or m_pg) = 13.2

We are interested in B or m_pg plates of AS 360 secured during these time intervals


where our 1890-1997 lightcurve is still affected by nearly empty gaps. Succesfully located plates could be eye-estimated at a microscope against the comparison sequence that we will fax. Even a single plate in the listed intervals would be of great interest because it can trace prolonged quiescence intervals or reveal an unknown outburst episode.

Please address messages to:

Thank you very much !

                   Ulisse Munari, Padova-Asiago Astronomical Observatories

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