Fading of CH Cyg

Several observers have been reporting an exceptional fading of the symbiotic variable CH Cyg. Current observations (vsnet-obs observations) indicate the object at around mv~9.7, which is probably the faintest recorded magnitude since the discovery of this long-known variable star.

   Recent observations:

       UT       mag  observer
   960521.048    96  T. Lange (LTO)
   960522.656    94  T. Kato (Kat)
   960523.576    94  S. Takahashi (Ths)
   960523.840    97  R. Fidrich (FRF)
   960524.685    97  T. Nishimura (Nmt)
   960524.800    97  FRF
   960525.026    95  P. Poyner (POY)
   960525.540    95  S. Nakatani (Nts)
   960525.667    94  K. Kanatsu (Knk)
   960526.010    95  POY
   960528.019    95  POY
   960529.903    97  LTO

Taichi Kato

Light curves

Recent light curve (VSNET)

Historical light curve (VSOLJ)

Comparison sequence

Information provided by G. Bianco (MIME-encoded format)

Information provided by G. Bianco (Postscript)

CH Cygni comparison sequence extension by B. Skiff

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