V1208 Tau

An outburst (15.0mag) was reported by R. Stubbings on December 26, and it was promptly confirmed by R. Ishioka (vsnet-campaign-dn 3195, 3196). R. Ishioka reported a detection of superhumps with an amplitude of 0.3mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 3199, 3200). Using a combined light curves taken by R. Ishioka and K. Tanabe up to Dec. 28, T. Kato reported a superhump period of 0.07068(4) d. This value is in good agreement with the 2000 observation (vsnet-campaign-dn 3212,3213, 3213).


Chart and Sequence presented by M. Simonsen:
[vsnet-campaign-dn 3202]

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