GZ Cnc

As reported by P. A. Dubovsky on March 11, GZ Cnc = TmzV34 experienced a relatively rare outburst (13.3mag). The last outburst was reported in 2000 December (vsnet-campaign-dn 2176). The outburst was confirmed on March 12 (vsnet-campaign-dn 2178, 2184). This turned out to be a normal outburst, which faded rapidly (vsnet-campaign-dn 2191).  A new outburst was reported by P. A. Dubovsky on April 2. Such a short interval of successive outbursts has not been observed for this object in the past (vsnet-campaign-dn 2238). The object faded to 14.7: mag on April 3 (vsnet-campaign-dn 2245). After fading, it again experienced an outburst of 13.3mag as reported by R. Stubbings on April 14. The outburst cycle was again very short (vsnet-campaign-dn 2304). This outburst is also a normal one (vsnet-campaign-dn 2311, 2322). The next outburst occurred at 13.4mag on May 4 as reported by M. Simonsen (vsnet-campaign-dn 2353, 2359).

An outburst (13.5mag) was reported by R. Stubbings on December 26 (vsnet-campaign-dn 3197).  A rapid fading from the outburst was reported on December 27 (vsnet-campaign-dn 3208).  The Okayama team performed time-series observation on December 27.  The most noteworthy feature was the presence of high-amplitude quasi-coherent oscillations (0.1-0.3 mag), which have a typical recurrent time of 20-30 min.  The amplitudes of the oscillations seem to have increased during the observation, and the longer wave became more prominent.  The light curve is totally unlike those taken during the 2000 outburst (Kato et al. 2001, IBVS 5123) (vsnet-campaign-dn 3211).


Preprint by T.Kato et al.:
 [vsnet-campaign-dn 2879]

Chart and Sequence presented by M. Simonsen:
[vsnet-campaign-dn 3203]

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