FS Aur

A possible outburst of 14.1mag was reported on January 16 by P. A. Dubovsky (vsnet-campaign-dn 2056). P. A. Dubovsky reported another outburst of 14.5 on February 5 (vsnet-campaign-dn 2102), which was confirmed by M. Simonsen on February 8 at 14.3mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 2108). This outburst finished on February 12 (vsnet-campaign-dn 2116). A new outburst of 14.4mag was reported by P. A. Dubovsky on March 11 (vsnet-campaign-dn 2175). An outburst to 14.4mag was reported on April 16 by M. Simonsen (vsnet-campaign-dn 2310).

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