X-ray binaries

GRS 1915+105: X-ray outburst
CXOU J004305.5+411703 : X-ray transient discovered in August
XTE J1118+480 : Superhump still presence
SAX J1342.2-3833 : Type I X-ray burst?
XTE J1550-564 : Rebrightening in January
J1628-41 : Microquasar candidate
XTE J1650-500 : Hard X-ray Nova
SAX J1711.6-3808 : NEW X-ray transient
SAX J2043.6+7717 : A new type of fast X-ray transient
J1748.9-2021 : X-ray and optical outburst
QX Nor : X-ray outburst of a neutron star transient
V818 Sco : Active state since June
XRF 011030