WR106 : Twin of WR104

K. Haseda reported the discovery of a new variable star (HadV84). The object is identified with a dusty WC9 star, WR 106, which is similar to WR 104 = HadV82, the "pinwheel star". These observations may suggest a new class of WR-type variable stars. Since the light variation may suggest that WR 106 = HadV84 is a twin od WR 104 = HadV82, a vigorous search for binarity, and the evidence of the "chimney mechanism" proposed for WR 104 is strongly encouraged. Infrared interferometric observations as in WR 104 would be helpful in elucidating the peculiar characteristics (vsnet-campaign 892). The full range of variability is reported to be 11.7-14.1p (vsnet-campaign-be 117). According to K. Takamizawa and K. Haseda's data, one fading season is observed in early 2000 (vsnet-campaign 951).

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