VW Crb : Long superoutburst in June

A superoutburst of the SU UMa-type dwarf nova VW CrB was detected by M. Simonsen at 14.0mag on June 18 (vsnet-campaign-dn 919). The Kyoto team performed time-series photometry on June 26, and detected a superhump with an amplitude of 0.3mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 943). They furthermore reported the object is gradually declining with ~0.1mag/d (vsnet-campaign-dn 960). On July 4, the Kyoto team reported that the object remained its brightness during July 1-3 and no prominent hump is detected (vsnet-campaign-dn 965). In the light curve in July 4 taken by the Kyoto team, double-peaked humps were seen with an amplitude of 0.2mag. This may indicate regrowth of superhumps (vsnet-campaign-dn 970). This outburst lasted for more than three weeks since June 18, which is atypically longer for ordinal SU UMa-type dwarf novae (vsnet-campaign-dn 971). M. Uemura reported that combined data sets of the Kyoto team show about 0.0725 d weak periodicity. The object was faded a little faster on July 9 (vsnet-campaign-dn 973), and then, finally entered a rapid decline phase on July 10 (vsnet-campaign-dn 975, 978). The outburst lasts at least for 22 days (vsnet-campaign-dn 983).

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