VV Pup

The VSNET administrator team received a request from FUSE team to ask VSNET team to observe VV Pup (polar) on April 5 and 6, in order to know the current activity state during the FUSE observation. This system has a 100 min orbital period and a large hump when the pole is in view if it is in an active state (vsnet-campaign 838). The Kyoto team performed an observation on April 5 (vsnet-campaign 839). The analysis of the Kyoto optical observation (by Ishioka-san), quasi-simultaneous with the FUSE observation, showed sharp and giant hump (15.24 - 17.7 mag). This observation indicate that VV Pup was in actively accreting state at least during this run (vsnet-campaign 844, 845, 846).

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