V632 Cyg

M. Simonsen reported an outburst (13.7mag) of V632 Cyg on December 11. This outburst is the first one reported in this year (vsnet-campaign-dn 1966, 1967). The time-series photometry on December 12 at Kyoto showed relatively flat, but some hints of 0.1mag, 2-hr period modulations (vsnet-campaign-dn 1979). A rapid fading was observed on December 14 by the Kyoto team (vsnet-campaign-dn 1981). H. Yamaoka performed astrometry using CCD images taken by the Kyoto team. A counterpart in USNO-A2.0 catalogue is a star with r=16.4 and b=16.6 (vsnet-campaign-dn 1986, 1987).

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