V589 Her : A rare outburst in July

As reported by C. Jones and G. Poyner on July 10, V589 Her experienced a rare outburst of 14.1-14.3mag. Only two outbursts in 1999 and 2000 have been reported to VSNET. Both outbursts reached slightly fainter than mag 15, and apparently faded rather quickly (vsnet-campaign 992). G. Masi reported no significant modulations during the outburst. On July 12, the decline rate seems to be faster (vsnet-campaign-dn 980), and then, the outburst was terminated (vsnet-campaign-dn 981). M. Uemura reported that the Kyoto team also confirmed that it was faint at R~15.8 on July 13, but still brighter than the quiescent level (vsnet-campaign-dn 282).

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