V485 Cen : Superoutburst in March

The dwarf nova V485 Cen experienced an outburst (14.1mag) as reported by R. Stubbings on March 29. The brightness and the outburst interval suggests a superoutburst. V485 Cen is known to be a unique dwarf nova having an orbital period of 59 min, which is well below the "minimum period" of hydrogen-rich cataclysmic variables (vsnet-campaign 832). T. Kato reported that the analysis of the Kyoto data and M. Bos's data sent by A. Retter clearly shows the presence of superhumps. The object has shown monotonous fading during this period. The average superhump period is 0.04209 d, which is slightly shorter than the previous report by Olech (Acta Astrion. 47, 281) (vsnet-campaign-dn 639). After the superoutburst terminated, a possible re-brightening was reported by the Kyoto team (vsnet-campaign 856).

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