V478 Her : New SU UMa-type dwarf nova with a long orbital period

AAVSO News Flash No. 793 reported that the recently identified cataclysmic variable V478 Her was brightening in the early June. CCD observation by Diethelm recoreded the object at 15.70 on June 4.9599 UT. The object had been regarded as an irregular variable until quite recently. The reported range of variability is 15.5-17.1p (vsnet-campaign 963). T. Vanmunster performed time-series observation on June 8 and detected 0.33mag modulations which seems to attributed to superhumps, indicating V478 Her is a new member of SU UMa stars. T. Vanmunster derived a preliminary hump period of 0.129 d, which is near the upper limits of the "period gap" (vsnet-campaign 964, vsnet-campaign 969).

Outburst image presented by T. Vanmunster: http://www.lunarpages.com/cbabelgium

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