V383 Vel : ~2 months outburst cycle

B. Monard reported an outburst of the recently idetified dwarf nova V383 Vel on February 1. The last outburst is the first-ever visually detected outburst reported on 2000 December 13 at 13.1mag, which rapidly faded (vsnet-campaign 735). The object reached the peak of 12.3mag on February 1 (vsnet-campaign 736), and then, the object once rapidly faded to 13.3mag on February 2 (vsnet-campaign 737). A rebrightening was reported on February 2 and continued until February 10 - 12 (vsnet-campaign 742, vsnet-campaign-dn 462, 471). The next outburst at 14.2mag was reported on April 10 by B. Monard This star seems to have a relatively steady outburst interval of ~2 months (vsnet-campaign-dn 634). The object rapidly faded since April 11 (vsnet-campaign-dn 637). As reported by A. Pearce on May 27, V383 Vel experienced another outburst at 12.9mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 843).

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