V2274 Cyg : Nova Cyg 2001

Y. Nakamura discovered a new nova in Cygnus. He reported that the object was 11.9mag on July 13 (vsnet-campaign-nova 394). T. Iijima performed spectroscopic observation and confirmed the nova nature of the object. From the spectrum, he also reported that the object could be a classical nova in the early decline stage from light maximum (vsnet-campaign-nova 396). H. Fukushima reported pre-discovery observations and that the object significantly brightened between July 16 and 20 (vsnet-campaign-nova 411). L. Brat and P. Hajek reported that this nova was very rapidly fading since around July 28 (vsnet-campaign-nova 419). As reported since July 31, this nova rebrightened from about 14.0mag to 12.0mag (vsnet-campaign-nova 422). R. Novak reported sinusoidal short-term modulations (vsnet-campaign 1064). He performed period analysis and reported about 0.30d period with 0.1mag amplitude (vsnet-campaign-nova 427).

The object was reported to be very faint at around 16.2mag in the early September (vsnet-campaign-nova 549). The nova recovered from the fade. D. Rodriguez reported V=15.35 on September 25 (vsnet-campaign-nova 583).

V-band CCD image presented by D. Buczynski

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VSNET page for this nova: http://www.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp/vsnet/Novae/ncyg01.html
Spectrum presented by M. Gavin: http://home.freeuk.com/m.gavin/ncyg01.htm
Spectrum presented by M. Fujii: http://www1.harenet.ne.jp/~aikow/n_cyg_20010719.gif
Spectrum presented by C. Buil: http://www.astrosurf.com/buil/us/ncygni/nova.htm
Light curves presented by R. Novak: http://ada.astronomy.cz

General Information on This Object