V1548 Aql : Nova Aql 2001, many rebrightenings

According to THE ASTRONOMER Electronic Circular No 1633, M. Collins discovered a variable object, TAV J1907+117. The object was reported to be at mag 10.9 on May 11.99 UT (vsnet-campaign 900). IAUC 7627 announced the object as possible nova in Aql (vsnet-campaign 905), and then, C. Benn et al. took a spectrum with the 4.2-m William Herschel Telescope on May 17 and confirmed its nova nature (vsnet-campaign-nova 307). E. Schweitzer reported that D. Proust also confirmed it through a spectrum on the 193mm OHP telescope on May 18 (vsnet-campaign-nova 311). M. Uemura, T. Kato, and H. Yamaoka reported a faint star of r=18.7 exists on DSS images within 0"".5 of the position of the nova (vsnet-campaign-nova 308). Pre-discovery observations reported by K. Kanatsu and K. Takamizawa show that the object has already brightened since February 26 2001 and a long premaximum halt and a sharp peak, as observed in V723 Cas and DO Aql (vsnet-campaign-nova 306). T. Kato reported that, in spite of the long-lasting premaximum halt, the decline rate may be unexpectedly rapid as reported on May 18-19 (vsnet-campaign 909), but N. James reported that his observations show no prompt decline trend (vsnet-campaign-nova 313). The object became slightly brighter from May 21 (vsnet-campaign-nova 318), and then, again started gradual fading (vsnet-campaign-nova 325). The fading trend possibly stopped in the end of May (vsnet-campaign-nova 329). Since the early June, the object again started fading (vsnet-campaign-nova 330). In mid-June, the object rebrightened to the second maximum (vsnet-campaign-nova 363). The object then again gradually faded (vsnet-campaign-nova 373), and again re-brightened on June 28 (vsnet-campaign-nova 376). After the gradual fading from the rebrightening, it showed oscillations, and then, again started fading (vsnet-campaign-nova 407).

This nova experienced some another rebrightenings during the latter half of 2001: 13.0mag on July 25 (vsnet-campaign-nova 418), 13.5mag on mid-August (vsnet-campaign-nova 430), 13.7 on September 2 (vsnet-campaign-nova 508), 13.6mag on September 11 (vsnet-campaign-nova 557). 13.0mag on October 4 (vsnet-campaign-nova 607). 13.2mag on November 20 (vsnet-campaign-nova 657).

Chart presented by O. Trondal

CCD image presented by G. Masi

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Low resolution spectrum presented by M. Gavin: http://home.freeuk.com/m.gavin/tanova.htm
Sequence presented by A. Henden: ftp://ftp.nofs.navy.mil/pub/outgoing/aah/sequence/naql01.dat
Chart presented by R. Bouma and E. van Dijk: http://www.shopplaza.nl/astro/vs-charts/nova2001aql1.htm

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