V1178 Sco : Nova Sco 2001

K. Haseda discovered and reported a possible nova of 10th mag on June 20. The object has already been bright at least since May 13 according to his previous observations (vsnet-campaign-nova 350). K. Takamizawa's observations revealed the eruption began between April 26 and May 12 (vsnet-campaign-nova 351). W. Liller reported short-term oscillations in June 22, 24, 26, and 27 observations (vsnet-campaign-nova 360, 368, 371). On June 24, M. Fujii took a spectrum which provided a firm evidence that V1178 Cyg is a genuine nova (vsnet-campaign-nova 366). The spectrum taken on July 2 showed the weak presence of P Cyg-type profile both in H-alpha and beta. The Fe II emission series are characteristic to a Fe II-type nova (vsnet-campaign-nova 387). The object faded after its peak. H. Itoh's observation on July 1 indicated a brightening from about 12.0 to 11.3mag (vsnet-campaign-nova 385). The object keep the gradual brightening with oscillations during the early July (vsnet-campaign-nova 393), and returned to the fading stage in the mid-July (vsnet-campaign-nova 402).

CCD image by A. Giambersio

CCD images taken by A. Giambersio

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Spectrum taken by M. Fujii: http://www1.harenet.ne.jp/~aikow/v1178_0624.gif

T. Kato and M. Fujii, "V1178 Sco: a nova with early stage oscillations", IBVS 5150
(vsnet-campaign-nova 425)

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