UV Gem : No confirmed superoutburst

R. Stubbings reported that the SU UMa-type dwarf nova UV Gem experienced an outburst at 15.0 on December 27. Even outburst at this magnitude can be a superoutburst (as in 1999 December one) (vsnet-campaign 628). The observed magnitude of 15.1mag on December 28 indicated no significant fading (vsnet-campaign-dn 362). (No follow-up observations of this outburst were reported except for negative observations.)

The next outburst was reported by R. Stubbings on February 10 (vsnet-campaign 755). The object was reported to be still bright at 15.0mag on February 11 (vsnet-campaign 756), however, the decline rate became faster with time (vsnet-campaign-dn 492). P. Schmeer reported the object coincides with an USNO-A2.0 star with r=18.4 and b=18.6 (vsnet-campaign-dn 496). T. Vanmunster and the Kyoto team reported no obvious periodic modulation was seen during the outburst (vsnet-campaign-dn 495, vsnet-campaign-dn 507).

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