TV Col : Calm state?

During the first half of 2001, the short outbursts were detected on January 7 (vsnet-campaign-ip 29), 20 (vsnet-campaign-ip 35), 28 (vsnet-campaign-ip 37). The reported cycle indicated that the next outburst would occur in the early February (vsnet-campaign-ip 39), however, the object looks to change its outburst cycle from active one to relatively calm one since 2001 February (vsnet-campaign-ip 44). Since the outburst duration is known to be very short, and A. Retter noticed it was very likely that outbursts may have been missed (vsnet-campaign-ip 45). In the second half of 2001, B. Monard detected an outburst at 13.3mag on October 23 (vsnet-campaign-ip 64). In October 31, eight days later from that outburst, M. Uemura reported another outburst (vsnet-campaign-ip 65). For three weeks since this outburst, observations reported by B. Monard showed no major outburst, except for small-amplitude modulations (vsnet-campaign-ip 66).

The duration of TV Col outbursts are very short. Close monitoring is encouraged in 2002.

CCD image during outbust by the VSNET collaboration team

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