SN 2001X : Bright type II supernova reaching 14th mag

The Beijing team discovered a bright SN in the barred-spiral galaxy NGC 5921. The discovery was made on Feb. 27.8 (mag about 17.0). It was confirmed by M. Schwartz's image on Mar 2.5 (3 days after discovery) at mag 15.2. It seems that this SN was caught in the very early phase. The location is about 15" west and 32" south of the nucleus of NGC 5921. The spectrum of this object revealed that it is of young type II. A typical SN II on this galaxy is expected to be bright as mag 15 at maximum, but the variety of the maximum brightness among SNe II is extremely wide (vsnet-campaign-sn 157, 158). M. Moilanen reported their observations of B=15.42, V=15.21, and R=15.05 on March 6 (vsnet-campaign-sn 159). O. Trondal reported the magnitude of 14.8C on March 7 (vsnet-campaign-sn 161). After the object reached the maximum around the mid-April, it started gradual decline (vsnet-campaign-sn 171, 175, 191, 203).

CCD images presented by M. Moilanen: