SN 2001V : Overluminous supernova?

IAUC 7585 reports that the CfA group discovered the new type Ia SN. The position is 52" east and 28" north of the edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 3987. This galaxy has a remarkable dust lane, and SN 2001V lies just south of the disk plane. NGC 3987 is a member of the group of galaxies, which is sometimes called as "NGC 4005 group". Although it is in the direction of the Coma supercluster, this group lies in front of the Coma; the mean recession velocity is about 4600 km/s. Thus, the expected maximum for the typical SN Ia is about 15.5 mag (vsnet-campaign-sn 154, 155). The object reached its maximum at around 14.6mag in early-March, and then, started fading (vsnet-campaign-sn 156, 160, 169, 170).