SN 2001R

The new object was discovered on the images taken by KAIT team on Jan. 6.5, Feb. 3.5, and Feb 4.5, and it has been at mag 185:C. The location is about 33" west and 25" south of the nucleus of the tilted spiral(SAB(rs)bc:) galaxy NGC 5172. From the recession velocity of NGC 5172, the expected maximum for normal SN Ia is mag 15.4. The constant brightness for almost 1 month, however, indicated that it would be in some plateau phase, which is typical for some of SN II. This galaxy had produced another SN 3 years ago. SN 1998cc was discovered at mag 18.1 before maximum. It was of type Ib, but not followed-up well (vsnet-campaign-sn 150).