SN 2001L : Overluminous type Ia ?

IAUC 7566 informed that KAIT discovered an bright SN Ia. The discovery made by the image taken on January 18 when the new object was mag about 15.4. The location is about 4" north of the nucleus of nearly edge-on spiral (SAb: sp) galaxy MCG-01-30-11. The spectrum taken by CfA team on January 19 reveals that SN 2001L was SN Ia about 1 week after maximum. The recession velocity of the host galaxy (4567 km/s) suggest that the typical SN Ia would have the maximum brightness of mag 15.7. Reported magnitude is somewhat brighter, and the peak of the light curve seems to be broader than the typical one. So, it can be an overluminous SN Ia like SN 1991T.